The Only Licensed Investigator On Jan. 6th, Finally Talks About How He Knows So Much

David Sumrall has a site called, where – over the last year-  he and his team have published the most technical details of what happened on Jan. 6th 2021.  Sumrall’s work has been cited in many news organizations that are also investigating the people and events at the US Capitol that day.

New details emerge, from a recent speech at Rock The Red, in South Carolina last weekend about Sumrall personally and why it is that he knows so much- because he is a licensed Jan. 6th investigator.

Well that explains it. Remember those 14,000 hours of video that no is allowed to see. While Sumrall is not allowed to use the video, he is allowed to investigate the video footage. That is huge.

Sumrall is also a leading advocate for the men and women who remain in custody over their role in the confusing events.

Here he is in a discussion about the J6 detainees and how he is trying to fight against the disinformation campaigns about Jan. 6th.



Much to the dismay of Nancy Pelosi and the mockingbird media, who’ve been lying to the American people for over a year and a half, 14,000 hours of unseen footage from January 6th will soon be exposed to the light of day.

Last Friday, David Sumrall of publicly announced that he was licensed two months ago through the Department of Justice as a video forensic investigator for the Joseph McBride Law Firm. Since his licensing, Sumrall has been steadily working to review as much of the video footage around January 6th as humanly possible.

His announcement was made at the Rock the Red event in South Carolina, where Lara Trump, Mike Lindell, Roger Stone, and many others were speaking.

In an exclusive phone interview on Tuesday, Sumrall said the footage is “absolutely shocking”, calling it “the most violent police action toward citizens” he’s ever seen in his life. “To hear the communications between the police and to hear their conversations, hear what they say about the way they beat these peaceful protestors,” he explained, adding that “the amount of force they used, the incorrect use of force, the laughing and carrying on…it’s disgusting.”

Sumrall says he’s currently involved as an expert witness in eleven January 6th cases, but is hopeful that his testimony will bring justice to hundreds of others who have been subjected to what he says is unwarranted prosecution and detainment at the hands of the Department of Justice.

“I expect that hopefully, by others finding out that I’m a licensed investigator for one of the attorneys, it will put the other attorneys on notice to say, ‘Why didn’t y’all hire an investigator to try to get your people free?’,” he said.

As someone who’s been reviewing publicly available video since January 7th, 2021, Sumrall says he wasn’t surprised with what he’s found, but it certainly has given him a broader perspective as to how events unfolded.

“It’s amazing when you have the public video that we’ve had for over a year and seeing what we built with that,” he explained referencing the StopHate documentary that Sumrall produced and released on June 4th, 2021, “Righting History: The Journalistic Battle of January 6th”.

“But then to have the police cam footage, like the body cams and the CCTV…It just gives you another perspective. A lot of people have seen the Victoria White beating in the tunnel, where she’s hit 34+ times in the head, in under three minutes with a baton because she was trapped against the wall. So to see that times a thousand, is overwhelming.”

As he continues to prepare for his role as an expert witness, Sumrall says the next step is to get some wins in the upcoming J6 defendants’ trials.

“I’m building a long video because I think that needs to be shown to kind of set the stage at these trials,” he said. “Let’s get an idea of what these people were up against before you start calling them hardened criminals. Let’s see what the police were doing to them before they come in here and try to tell you they were defending themselves from the police.”

Although it’s undeniable that there were bad actors behind the blue line, Sumrall continues to stress that what he’s seen isn’t any form of group indictment against the police as a whole.

“There were good guys, bad guys. There were good teams and bad teams,” he explained. “I think a lot will come out, you know, and of course I’m not at liberty to say everything, but I can tell you that these prisoners are not lying. I can say that because it’s pretty much all somewhere on video. And we’ve been checking against a lot of this testimony to corroborate it.”

Sumrall also says he looks forward to releasing video footage in the very near future, that will show there was no planning by Joe Biggs and other Proud Boys to enter the Capitol that day.

Even though the Pelosi version of the mainstream narrative is collapsing, innocent Americans are still being held behind bars. Sumrall says widespread public support is needed now more than ever.

“There’s some calls to action at, where there’s letter writing. There’s a prayer group. There’s a petition you can sign just to put your name on there to make January 6th “Patriot’s Day”. There’s also the fundraiser that links straight to the J6 people’s GiveSendGo accounts,” he said.

Sumrall looks forward to vindication of the innocents, along with exposing the horrific truths of January 6th, for the entire world to see.

“What Nancy Pelosi does not want people to see,” Sumrall said in closing, “yeah, that’s exactly the video footage I want people to see.”

Watch Sumrall’s documentary: Righting History 

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