STOP FUNDING NOW! Biden-Appointed Federal Judge MANDATES LGBTQ Storybooks For Students

Below is an excellent interview to forward around- because it is full of actual and concrete action plans that are realistic to, for the purpose of addressing real issues that people care about.

KEY POINT: Government shutdowns occur when policymakers fail to enact legislation to fund the federal government by the end of the fiscal year on September 30. Each year, Congress must pass, and the president must sign, legislation to provide funding for most government agencies. That legislation comes in the form of 12 appropriation bills, one for each appropriations committee. Lawmakers may also choose to pass a temporary funding bill, known as a continuing resolution, to provide funding for a limited time. If lawmakers fail to pass some or all of the appropriations bills on time, and a continuing resolution is not in place, the government would experience a partial or full “shutdown.”

The author’s opinion follows:

We have no more time to waste, we need to end the public federal funding of the destruction of our children’s minds, and we are lucky to have Steve Bannon at the War Room who is pulling resources together to address the situation.

“This is the great awakening. The only thing DC understands to choking down the money. We need to tell this House guys if they approve this stuff they need to get choked out of DC,” Steve Bannon said to his Saturday morning guest, Terry Shilling of the American Principles Project on War Room.

“We need to stop all federal funding like using the Hyde amendment for public funding abortion, and we should not be funding these programs in schools that are leading to the demoralizing of children,” Shilling told Bannon, which fits in perfectly with Bannon’s focused coverage of the looming government shutdown situation.

“The answer is to cut off the funding for the programs and not just give them blank checks for the Department of Education anymore,” Shilling said.

Bannon went on to talk about identifying and focusing on individual programs since the Republicans are too weak to address the bigger issues.

The examples of how out of control the school systems’ strange programs are, have become mainstream with the Biden administration’s love of LGBTQ programming, as evidenced by a shocking recent story where a judge mandated children must participate with materials that parents find objectionable.

AT ISSUE: The Hill reported details of the injustice of a judge’s recent orders regarding harmful books, which Shilling talked about as well:

A federal judge on Thursday rejected a request from a group of Maryland parents to require Montgomery County Public Schools to allow them to opt their children out of lessons with LGBTQ books.

U.S. District Judge Deborah Boardman found that the parents, who are suing the school district over its decision to get rid of the opt-out policy, are unlikely to succeed on the merits and denied their request to keep the policy in place while the case proceeds.

At issue is a storytime that has been mandated by a federal judge ruled that all children must attend LGBTQ programming.

Bannon, hearing the story about the books, asked the BIG QUESTION… “Why is this even programmed in?”

Schilling gave the BIG ANSWER – The Department of Education has shifted all education into the pursuit of social justice and away from children learning marketable traditional skills.

So we know the problem is the programs that are coming from within the DPI and now Bannon is going to focus in more closely and bring the problem up where it needs to be and that is how to STOP the programming.

Bannon then gave the most important actionable “Can we defund all these programs, the ones that turn kids into Neo-marxists, and taxpayers are paying for it? Could we demand this is defunded in September?”

AGAIN.. The answer is YES.. “Congress has not been restricting funding.”

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