PUBLIC RECORDS BATTLE: Kari Lake Gets Two-Day Trial On ‘Mail In Ballot’ Envelopes

Kari Lake and her team have been tenacious in the Arizona courts to try to find a remedy for the highly suspicious 2022 midterm election when Lake ran against troubled Democrat Katie Hobbs; the lawsuits have been flying ever since, as Lake and her lawyers refused to stop seeking transparency over numerous election issues, including who is entitled to see public records.

Lake previously filed a special action lawsuit against Maricopa County after they illegally denied her team access to what many people believe are the fraudulent 2022 mail-in ballot affidavit envelopes. 

UPDATE: Lake had been back and forth with the courts on the issue of inspecting the signatures on the mail-in ballots to determine if they were legal votes or not. Then there was a window of opportunity for the Lake team to make their case with another judge’s ruling that Lake should get a chance to make her case that the envelopes were public documents.

This week, trial dates were set for that action. Important to note, again, that this latest development is for one of Kari Lake’s lawsuits over publicly available evidence in Arizona’s 2022 election- there are numerous cases to follow, it can be a bit confusing.

“We are scheduled for a 2-day trial set for September 21 & 25. I will never stop fighting for Honest & Transparent Elections,” Lake posted online Sunday about a new court filing outlining the procedures for those two days.

Here is what Lake is saying about it the newest developments, which stem from events in June when a Maricopa County superior court judge declined to dismiss Kari Lake’s public records bid for access to ballot affidavit envelopes.

“I am not giving up,” she said.

AT ISSUE, as AZ Mirror reported earlier in the summer when a judge ruled not to let the Lake team view envelopes from mail-in ballots, saying that the court is “not required to defer to the elections officials in how they have historically interpreted” the law.

The judge at the time noted he had “no quarrel” with the interpretation but said he did not agree with it.”

“I am not convinced that the ballot affidavit is a voter registration record,” Justice Hannah said. “It is a record from which the election officials derive information that becomes part of the voter registration record, but that doesn’t mean the ballot affidavit itself is a voter registration record.”

Hannah then tasked the parties to start litigating under public records law instead, meaning the county must argue releasing the records would violate privacy interests or run counter to the best interest of the state.


Expectations have always been high for the Lake team and from supporters that if the legal team could inspect the mail-in ballot envelopes, and inspect the irregularities, the information gathered would take Lake’s other complaints to a new level of scrutiny and might put her back in the lead over Hobbs, because the margin of victory is that tiny between the two.

Lake’s supporters have long believed that seeing the mail in ballot envelopes from Maricopa Co. would explain a lot of what is happening in the state, with speculation that large counties are hiding something and causing undue influence in the elections overall.

So this is big.

A typical conversation from the ground is something like this:

“Lake’s attorneys are expected to file an appeal to the dismissal of her case and fight it all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary,” Conradson reported for Gateway Pundit when posting about the new developments in this ballot issue.

So this is an important issue in a sea of important issues. The battle is still on.

The schedule for the newest court day will start around 9:30 AM. According to the document, Plaintiff, Kari Lake, is
represented by counsel Bryan J. Blehm, who appears virtually, according to the court filing.

Defendants Stephen Richer, in his official capacity as Maricopa County Recorder, is represented by counsel Joseph E. La Rue, Jack.
O’Connor, and Rosa Aguilar. Kyle Cummings and Nancy Bonnell, counsel for the proposed Intervenor and Attorney General representing the Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, are also present. In the court document is a form for witnesses and

Lake’s original election lawsuit is still under appeal in the appellate court. Lake also has a case in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for her original Election machine case, and we have filed an anti-Slapp motion against Stephen Richer over the defamation case he brought against Lake.

Lake’s busy legal team is still constructing all of the fights left in them to restore some public trust in the election process- which has been so greatly damaged and they are quite busy-

Lake’s legal defense fund is at 


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