SURPRISE! “This is the Story of Sabotage”, Lake Responds To Explosive Viral Video Crushing Election Officials

Kari Lake, as someone with a long history of journalism and communication, chooses her wording very carefully so when she says that the November 2022 election in Maricopa County, Arizona, under the leadership of then Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who was also Lake’s opponent for the Governor position, was “sabotage”, she knows exactly what she is saying.

Even though last week a judge ruled on what the media is calling the ‘final move’ by Lake, she and her team are not giving up promising a ballot push for the future, but also making noise that the team has some more shocking details about the way the elections in the state are really handled.



  1. deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.

It is very “Third World” to have so much sabotage in elections. That is what Lake has been exposing.

Recently Lake posted a quick video snippet with a description of pre-election activity by Hobb’s team to check the integrity of the electronic vote counters, along with findings about those actions from Lake’s explosive undercover investigations. This is what Lake’s War Room Team posted:

“On October 14th, 17th & 18th, Maricopa County performed secret testing on the tabulators. This was AFTER the legally required Logic & Accuracy test 260 of 446 tabulators failed. They were used on election day anyway. Where 59% failed. This is the story of sabotage.”

Lake slammed the Judge who apparently wanted to ignore everything Lake had brought forth, to hand another victory to Hobbs quickly:

“This is the part of the case we tried to bring in this go around, but the judge denied us. We asked him to vacate his ruling from the verdict he issued on Christmas Eve because all of this new information came to light when we were able to get a hold of the system log files. Our side was recording all of the live 24 hour video so we could back up everything with video. This is damning! And this is how we will be moving our case forward,” Lake told Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam in addition to the information that came from the following Tweet:

The Lake War Room went on to hint that there is more to come:

“For those of you questioning the authenticity of this video. We have the system log files from Maricopa County’s own machines. Additionally, we have recordings of every single bit of activity that happened in this room. We have much more than that too…”

The team went on further:

“This is absolutely true. We have the system logs and 24-hour recordings of the activities in this room. Stay tuned.”

Lake’s journey to expose the deep corruption in the state has been hugely successful. Lake had won a chance to verify signatures on the ballots, and the Democrat-dominated election officials made a complete joke out of the ruling, and yet, the judge allowed the corruption to stand there as well.

Randy DeSoto, a journalist for the Western Journal, posted in reactions about the County corruption with just the way the rules and laws are handed to partisan Democrats, who apparently can not act with any integrity or respect for the will of the people :

“The judge said it was up to County Recorder Stephen Richer, who happens to be a Kari Lake foe, to decide if one second is enough time for signature verification on 70K mail-in ballots, when apparently it takes one second for the page to even load. Between that and the mass malfunctioning of ballot printers on Election Day, it definitely was not a clean election.”

Lake’s team is promising more to come. Follow @BenBergquam and look for more as details emerge on Frontline America.

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