NEW! LAW AND BORDER Pt. 4: ‘Root of the Invasion’ is what Joe Biden does not want people to see

Ben Bergquam will host another episode of Law and Border for Real America’s Voice this Saturday on Real America’s Voice, giving audiences an in-depth analysis of the crisis that is continuing on the Southern Border, and he will provide exclusive content that the corporate media refuses to show the American people.

Bergquam posted a teaser to the program on his social media Wednesday, showing eyewitnesses to the migration path set by Democrats and how it affects both the Mexican and the American people.

Bergquam in Saturday’s episode, exposes how nonprofits are profiteering from the open borders with massive human trafficking, which can only be deserved as modern-day slavery, and how the lies from the Biden administration about the safety of the dangerous trek through the jungles has caused great pain and suffering for many people from many different countries.

Bergquam talks to the people who have been lied to and misled.

Bergquam exposes it all, with a network of amazing associates, after years of personal investigative journalism that covers every aspect of the invasion :

Here is PT. 3

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