TRASHED: Quality of Life Under Bronx Judge’s Controversial Rulings, Freed Illegal Squatters to Assault Suspects

Bronx Criminal Court Judge Eugene Bowen, who was elected in 2022, has recently come under fire for his lenient rulings, most notably in cases involving migrant squatters and suspects accused of assaulting police officers. Bowen’s decision to release six suspected migrant squatters without bail has reignited criticism of his perceived “soft-on-crime” approach.

This move follows a previous decision to release two individuals who were caught on video assaulting a police officer at a subway station. Despite prosecutors’ requests for bail in both instances, Bowen opted for supervised release. These decisions have sparked outrage among law enforcement officials, with Patrick Hendry, president of the Police Benevolent Association union, emphasizing the need for accountability for those who attack police officers.

Former Assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy, a Fox News contributor, said the judge’s soft-on-crime approach is not surprising given how New York elects lower court judges.

“In New York City, these elections tend to be low-turnout and dominated by progressive Democrats,” McCarthy told Fox News Digital. He observed that the same constituency elected District Attorney Alvin Bragg, a progressive reformer who has been repeatedly criticized for downgrading felony cases to misdemeanors. 

“Progressive Democrats in New York City are the principal drivers of sanctuary city and criminal justice ‘reform’ policies,” McCarthy said. “Under the former, the city prohibits NYPD from cooperating with the feds in immigration case. Under the latter, serious criminals are routinely released instantly after arrest — New York is the only state in the country that does not permit judges to detain people pretrial on evidence that they pose a danger to the community.” 

“This is why crime is up and quality of life is down in the city,” he added.

Bowen, a Democrat, has served on the bench for just over a year, having been designated as a judge on the Criminal Court of the City of New York, Bronx County, in 2023.

Prior to his election, he worked as a criminal defense attorney for the Legal Aid Society. Bowen’s approach has faced criticism for its perceived leniency, with opponents arguing that it endangers public safety. However, supporters highlight Bowen’s track record of advocating for clients’ rights during his tenure as a public defender.

The recent case involving the migrant squatters saw eight individuals facing charges, including criminal possession of a weapon, possession of controlled substances, and endangering the welfare of a child. Despite the severity of the charges, only two of the suspects were held on bail, raising questions about the consistency of judicial decisions in similar cases. The release of these suspects adds fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding criminal justice reform and public safety measures in New York City.

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