Tennesee Social Justice Insurrection Unfolds Over Gun Rights and After Transgender’s Murder Spree [VIDEO]

The nation is facing a massive mental health crisis as generations of indoctrinated Americans are waging war as foot soldiers in a cultural revolution for masters who want them to rip their own country apart, leaving their friends, families and communities a broken nation of broken people to easily grab up for nothing, and rule over.

That is the purpose of Community organizing on the left, and it is time people started talking about the perils of the left’s attacks on our Republic.

Democrat activists are people who to want to destroy the American dream and enslave the American people. And now we are at a new level of the conflict they have with the people who refuse to obey, the Republicans who will not give up their much coveted civil liberties- like the right to self-defense.

Violence is being escalated by the left giving people an urgent sense that they are in danger.

That is exactly how culture wars look to many; many Americans see things like events in Tennessee unfolding, especially after a horribly evil mass shooting there this week.

After a young woman, 28-year-old Audry Hale, convinced herself she was a male and surrendered her own blossoming sexuality, her freedom and liberty, her brilliant art career, her family, and her very life- to the haze and confusion of the transgender messaging she murdered 6 innocent people, in cold blood and died in a heap on the ground like a monster.

And it is still unclear what motivated her to become so demonic. But there is no reason to allow community members to grieve their loss or try make sense of the madness they are surrounding by- social justice warriors only see an opportunity to attack innocent people and escalate their fight against liberty.

Social Justice Warriors, who never self-evaluate anything or consider any of the problems they have caused society with their constant usurpations and power grabs, have now just made the suffering of the TN community all that much worse by organizing and gathering together in an attempt to overthrow the capital of Tennessee.

In the name of ‘gun control’.

Hundreds of protesters swarmed the Tennessee State Capitol on Thursday demanding gun control in the wake of Monday’s deadly school shooting.

Protesters showed up outside the capitol Thursday morning as lawmakers began their session, according to WKRN. Protesters were calling for stronger gun control following Monday’s shooting in which 28-year-old transgender Audrey Hale killed three nine-year-olds and three adults at a Christian elementary school.

One organizer told WKRN they hope “that we can make change.”

The Daily Caller reported on the details:

“It’s a tough state, I get it,” organizer Maryam Abolfazli said, according to WKRN.

Protesters overwhelmed the Capitol, filling the hallways and eventually making their way to the legislative session chambers.

Video shows a massive group of protesters screaming and trying to break past a group of troopers. One male protester storms through and is immediately taken into custody by authorities before being released as the crowd chants “give him back!”

Emotions outside the House Chambers are still high. Protesters are wanting to talk to lawmakers as they run to bathroom. This young person was briefly detained but let go.

— Kelsey Gibbs (@kelseymgibbs) March 30, 2023

The violence was caught on film:

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