TERROR: The Peril of Open Borders, A Call for Vigilance for Western Civilization

In his recent op-ed for The Telegraph, Adam Coleman delivers a sobering message regarding the vulnerability of Western nations in the face of external threats exploiting open borders. Coleman begins by highlighting America’s insulation culture, which often leads citizens to overlook global issues, falsely assuming they won’t impact their own communities. However, recent events, such as the massacre at the Crocus City Hall concert venue in Moscow perpetrated by ISIS terrorists, underscore the reality that extremism knows no borders.

Coleman points out the precarious situation faced by Western nations, particularly the United States, amidst record levels of illegal migration. While acknowledging that many illegals seek refuge or opportunities for a better life, he warns of the risks posed by human traffickers and smugglers who exploit security weaknesses for profit. The Biden administration’s perceived incompetence, according to Coleman, has emboldened criminal enterprises and increased the likelihood of terrorists infiltrating the country.

Drawing attention to alarming statistics from US Border Patrol, Coleman reveals encounters with individuals on terrorist watchlists attempting to enter the country. Despite constituting a small fraction of overall illegal migrants, the potential threat they pose is significant. Moreover, Coleman highlights the inherent limitations in law enforcement’s ability to apprehend all individuals with malicious intent, leaving a concerning number of dangerous individuals living undetected among society.

Reflecting on the trauma of past terrorist attacks, such as 9/11, Coleman urges heightened vigilance in the face of increased global tensions and lax border scrutiny. He cites instances where smugglers with ties to ISIS facilitated the entry of individuals into the United States, raising fears of future attacks orchestrated by extremist groups.

In conclusion, Coleman poses a poignant question: Are Western nations, particularly the United States, next in line for a devastating terrorist attack? He implores readers to recognize the gravity of the situation and advocate for stronger border security measures to safeguard against external threats.

Coleman’s op-ed serves as a clarion call for policymakers and citizens alike to prioritize national security and address the vulnerabilities posed by open borders. By confronting the reality of external threats and taking proactive measures to fortify border defenses, Western nations can mitigate the risks of terrorism and preserve the safety and security of their citizens.

Op-Ed “The enemies of the West are exploiting our open borders” by Adam Coleman

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