WANTED: Leonel Moreno, Illegal Invader TikTok Influencer For Program Violations

Leonel Moreno, a migrant influencer with a substantial following of over 500,000 on TikTok, has found himself at the center of controversy. He is now wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Moreno stands accused of violating the rules of the Alternatives to Detention program, which permits the federal government to monitor migrants using ankle monitors.

This brazen contempt for American’s private property concerns and safety happens at the same time that a Mike Johnson-led House of Reps passed a massive budget funneling US taxpayer monies into all kinds of gifts, programs, and giveaways to foreign conflicts and unpopular domestic spending – which did nothing to address the frightening explosion in crime and illegal migrations at the US borders.

Here is Moreno’s bridge too far, that finally got ICE to pay attention:

Moreno’s journey into the spotlight began when he illegally entered the United States through Eagle Pass, Texas, in early 2022. Leveraging his growing popularity on TikTok, Moreno began posting content that encouraged squatting in American homes and flaunted purchases made with government assistance. His provocative videos raised eyebrows and sparked heated debates on immigration policy and its broader economic implications.

Here is some of his other work:

Despite being on parole and having missed scheduled immigration court appointments, Moreno’s current whereabouts remain unknown. His case underscores the complexities of immigration enforcement and the challenges faced by authorities in monitoring and apprehending individuals who defy legal protocols.

Experts weigh in on the broader significance of Moreno’s case, emphasizing the need for comprehensive solutions over-simplistic approaches that rely on criminalization. They highlight historical precedents and argue for a nuanced understanding of immigration’s impact on labor markets and society at large.

More of Moreno’s work:

While ICE is actively pursuing leads to locate Moreno, his fate hangs in the balance, leaving observers to ponder the consequences of his actions and the broader implications for immigration policy in the United States.

More Moreno:

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