Texas Constructs Monumental Anti-Illegal Crossing Infrastructure East of El Paso

The embattled southern state of Texas is making another attempt to secure its borders after witnessing the erection of a lengthy anti-illegal crossing infrastructure stretching across the landscape east of El Paso.

Texas National Guard soldiers installed new anti-climb fencing near Brownsville in early December 2023. The state said in its announcement that the fence is meant to make it impossible for someone on the southern side of the fence to lean a ladder against the barrier and scale. Construction is now in El Paso.

The area has been at the center of the invasion battle:

Author Todd Bensman reported on his X account that the sheer magnitude of this undertaking has left him spellbound as miles upon miles of barriers and deterrents take shape, marking a significant step in the state’s commitment to border security.

The scale of the infrastructure project, which has been unfolding quietly but steadily in recent months, has surprised many observers. Stretching across vast expanses of rugged terrain, the barriers stand as a formidable obstacle to those attempting unauthorized entry into the state.

“We have bad actors that are coming over, opening up the [concertina wire, and] allowing traffic to move through,” Texas National Guard Capt. Chris Daniel said in a statement. “They’re going to have to do a lot more cutting to get through the [anti-climb barrier].”

The Texas National Guard Engineer Special Response Teams began installing the anti-climb fence in December. They repaired existing concertina wire that was trampled on by groups that have trespassed through the area after making it across the Rio Grande.

“It is truly astounding,” remarked local resident Maria Sanchez, who frequently travels through the region. “I had heard about plans for increased security measures, but I never imagined it would be on such a grand scale. It seems to go on for miles and miles.”

The initiative comes amid ongoing debates over immigration and border security in the United States.

Officials involved in the project have remained tight-lipped about specific details, citing security concerns. However, aerial footage and glimpses from afar reveal a network of fences, barriers, and other impediments strategically positioned to impede unauthorized entry, as seen above.

The impact of this infrastructure extends beyond mere physical barriers. It represents a symbolic gesture of Texas’s resolve to assert control over its borders and safeguard its communities. Moreover, it sends a clear message to those considering illegal crossings that such endeavors will be met with formidable obstacles.

Let’s just hope it is not too late to save America.

As construction continues at a brisk pace, the anti-illegal crossing infrastructure east of El Paso stands as a testament to the monumental efforts underway to reshape border security in Texas. Its imposing presence reminds us of the complex and contentious issues surrounding immigration and underscores the ongoing quest for effective solutions in an ever-evolving landscape.

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