“We The People”Rise with Immigration Concerns and Surge in Florida and Illinois

Ben Bergquam, in recent discussions about the illegal invasion and the impact of the open border on American communities, concerns from everyday Americans have been raised all over the United States.

During these talks, Bergquam points out that there’s a prevailing sentiment that the American people are being sidelined, with their concerns overshadowed by political agendas and corporate interests. The economic ramifications of immigration policies, coupled with issues of job displacement and housing insecurity, underscore the need for comprehensive solutions.

And as if that was not enough of a burden for the American people to carry, looking ahead to the 2024 elections, there’s a growing emphasis on the importance of electoral integrity and accountability. Concerns about potential election tampering and the need for robust judicial oversight have fueled calls for action to safeguard democratic processes.

As the debate over who should be in the White House rages on, it’s evident that immigration remains a huge issue with far-reaching implications for our Republic. In the meantime, the plight of illegals, as the left says they are concerned with- and the challenges faced by American communities, as MAGA is concerned with, remain at the forefront of public discourse, shaping the political landscape.

In a recent expose, Bergquam shed light on the surge of individuals making their way to Florida from Haiti. Additionally, he highlighted a flight originating from Harlingen, Texas, which transported around 20 individuals directly to Fort Lauderdale, underscoring the various channels through which illegals enter the nation.

Notably, there’s a growing concern that domestic airports, along with direct flights, are facilitating the arrival of illegals, raising questions about the lack of oversight for the legal immigration processes with the Democrats in office.

See Bergquam’s footage:

Bergquam has shown, through his in-depth investigations, that United Nations initiatives, Catholic Charities, and various NGOs are linked to an obvious network of groups meant to undermine the fabric of America.

Next News Network, an independent media platform, pushed the urgency of the situation of illegals in the country, framing 2024 as a pivotal moment for the nation. The owner of the Platform, Gary, called upon Americans to wake up to the realities of the immigration crisis and encouraged them to engage with social media platforms for a deeper understanding of the issue because the mainstream media is not covering the important details.

In similar discussions from around the nation, Bergquam was able to talk to more people about their concerns and encourage them to be proactive in defending the United States.

For example, Bergquam has traveled back to Chicago, where he reported that a significant number of individuals, including American citizens, are struggling with homelessness.

See Bergquam’s newest footage of residents in Chicago:

Along with a group of individuals, Bergquam has really come to understand that former Democrats have identified the Democratic Party’s policies as those that have contributed the most to the economic challenges of the Black Community.

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