The Dilemma of Campus Politics: NYU’s Wall and Columbia’s Chaos

In recent days, New York has been witnessing a stark contrast in how two prestigious universities, NYU and Columbia, have been handling politically charged protests. NYU, in a surprising move, has erected a wall around its campus to prevent further escalation of tensions after a night of unrest. Meanwhile, Columbia University has been facing chaos as students protest and riot, pushing the campus into a state of disarray.

As reported by Real America’s Voice, Ben Bergquam.

The protests at Columbia are reportedly in support of the terrorist organization Hamas. This has led to a lockdown of the campus, with students being asked to leave and classes moving to remote learning. The situation is particularly alarming given the high cost of education at these institutions, raising questions about the value and safety of the learning environment.

One Columbia student bravely admitted to the media that the student protests and riots are a result of what they have been taught in classes:

The roots of this unrest, as Bergquam recently reported, can be traced back to a broader issue of indoctrination in the education system, from elementary to college level. This has led to a generation of students and parents who are sympathetic to terrorist organizations and their ideologies. The situation is all the more shocking given New York City’s history with terrorism, particularly the 9/11 attacks, he said..

NYU’s decision to build a wall and enforce strict campus access policies is a response to Columbia’s situation. Bergquam reported that it highlights a clear divide in how these two institutions address the issue of politically charged protests. NYU’s approach seems to be more effective in maintaining order and safety on campus, while Columbia’s approach has led to chaos and disruption.

The situation raises broader questions about freedom of speech, political activism, and universities’ role in shaping their students’ political views. It also highlights the need for a balanced approach to campus politics that respects students’ rights to express their views while ensuring the safety and well-being of the entire campus community.

At least one University, the University of Southern California, has canceled graduation ceremonies due to the violent unrest.

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