The Government Admitted They Are Withholding Evidence, Patriots Have More Info Than DOJ

Court documents about January 6th at the US Capitol have surfaced, proving that the narrative set out by the US Government over the unfolding events that day is being purposefully crafted to not explain the truth to the American people. In their own lawsuit, they admit they are withholding evidence from people they are charging with crimes.

Consider this passage from a lawsuit: United States Vs. Pastor, New Mexico Commissioner, and high profile Trump supporter Couy Griffen – ask yourself if law enforcement tried to stop people from gathering at being at the US Capitol (pg.12):

“Further, we are not in a position to turn over the universe of information we possess for Defendant to review. Although we are aware that we possess some information that the defense may view as supportive of arguments that law enforcement authorized defendants (including Defendant) to enter the restricted grounds, e.g., images of officers hugging or fistbumping rioters, posing for photos with rioters, and moving bike racks, we are not in a position to state whether we have identified all such information. Pursuant to Brady and its progeny, we are required to make available the voluminous data that may contain any similar information for Defendant to review.”


Techno Fog, who I have confirmed is an actual lawyer, posted on his Telegram page recently:

“This is a huge admission from the Gov’t on the January 6 cases:
“We possess some information that . . . law enforcement authorized [people] to enter the restricted grounds, e.g., images of officers hugging or fist bumping rioters, posing for photos with rioters, and moving bike racks.”

My eyewitness reporting was that the people at the bike racks on the backside of the Capitol were driven there and were waiting patiently to be allowed through, believing they had been invited there,  and were safe to be there because guards were present and never tried to stop them,  even tho a fake struggle occurred for a few seconds, it was intentional that people were trying to get through, and felt like a movie set.



The crowd there had gathered in the space peacefully for at least 20 mins, which I personally witnessed and had been there much longer.  I witnessed a man on a bullhorn, and a man with a rolled-up paper “bull horn” who agitated the crowd about going into the building, saying that representatives had invited people in.

A group of Trump supporters yelled down, “It’s a trick,” while someone started blasting the song, “We’re not going to take it anymore”- trying to get the crowd stirred up.

Some people started moving peacefully to the bike rack area, while guards started moving racks as if get the people to form a line, and then some scuffles started when someone pushed the bike racks for a min, then the crowd moved toward the Capitol stairs.  A few moving briskly, most moving at average speed.

There were guards at the top of the stairs, where people were directed to fill in the area and move around to the other landings.

The crowd filled in peacefully:

People were allowed to fill in the areas at the top of the Capitol stairs.

At one point, there was a loud booming sound and a cloud of smoke that appeared near the top of the stairs, but no one left the area. People in the crowd thought someone let off a firework.  It felt bizarre.

That was what happened on the backside of the Capitol.

I reported last week that on the other side of the Capitol, people were being directed to fill in the scaffolding as if they were extras on a movie set.

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