The Left Is In Panic Mode Over CNN Changes To Their Propaganda Industry

President Donald J. Trump was right about CNN and their fake news- and he predicted they would struggle for ratings- proving that leftism is not really a popular product to push.

Trump called it at his first press conference-  and he was right, remember:

And new CNN is in disaray.

For a glimpse of what is happening on the left as CNN is re-organized into something that resembles an actual newsroom, it is noteworthy to consider how the left sees things unfolding.

In this article, Inside CNN, Lichtxiety Runs Amok, the point is made by author John Kelly who goes by ‘Puck’ reported:

“Facing a mandate to turn down the volume, CNN’s most vocal anchors are anxiously navigating the reality that the same chest-thumping fulminations that drove ratings under Jeff Zucker may be a liability for his successor.”

That is an interesting statement. Who knew that CNN promoting leftism was such a central part of their ‘industry’.  In his email to readers of Puck News, on Monday, Puck wrote:

Welcome back to Media Monday, Puck’s weekly rite of passage unlocking the inner workings of our rapidly transforming industry. On behalf of the team, I’d like to extend our best wishes on the Juneteenth federal holiday. I hope that you’re able to take some time to reflect on this important date.

In the meantime, as always, Puck remains the central nervous system for the convulsions engulfing and reshaping the media landscape. Dylan Byers offers the definitive report on the anxiety inside CNN as new C.E.O. Chris Licht pivots the network back to the center. (Dylan and I also chat about the topic on this week’s Media Monday episode of The Powers That Be.) And Tara Palmeri penetrates the Biden bubble to understand how the West Wing is trying to reshape the media narrative around the president amid his profoundly low approval ratings.

Matt Belloni and Bill Cohan reveal the inside conversation at the center of the entertainment-Wall Street universe, exchanging notes on Netflix, the Redstones, and more. Lastly, don’t miss Teddy Schleifer’s reportage on the new passion project of the multihyphenate, initialed wunderkind of our time, S.B.F., the crypto-billionaire philanthropist who is now becoming actively media-curious.

These are the stories defining our industry, and prime examples of the sorts of tales you can only find at Puck.

So the re-organization of CNN is a huge sore spot for the left and represents the shift back to the center.  The Marxist left has failed, and they have lost the Democrats and Independents.

That matches up with recent news from CNBC :

“New CNN chief Chris Licht told CNN staffers Thursday the network uses its “Breaking News” banner too often.

Licht’s mission, along with his bosses at Warner Bros. Discovery, is to brand CNN as less sensationalist.

Licht said CNN will evaluate reorganizing divisions and leadership but will move slowly with any changes given the amount of transition the news network has already undergone in recent months.”

CNN definitely went too far to the left and are now getting pulled back in toward the center, it will be interesting to watch how they recreate their newsroom and who they lose in the process.

Perhaps they will have everything in working order- to cover Trump running in 2024.

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