“The Seal is Broken”: Trump Talks About Communist Invasion of America in Speech

President Donald J. Trump gave his remarks after his courthouse appearance on Tuesday in Florida, where he talked about how the massive corruption of the Biden administration had reached an unprecedented new level.

Hinting that what happened to him on Tuesday is the final straw in a broken social contract and that the American people are in grave danger, Trump delivered a bruising speech in Bedminster, New Jersey.

While back in Florida, supporters flew anti-Communist flags, according to eyewitnesses:

Trump talked about getting tough on restoring America when he gets back to the White House:

“I am here, and we can take it, but what these thugs have done to my family is a disgrace. And there is a lot of fake news,” Trump said in a speech from his Bedminster home that sounded like a war speech.

The full speech below is a new energy for Trump:

The left was freaking out in reaction:

Trump talked about the seal again on his Truth account:

Reaction to the speech was an instant interest:


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