PBS Exposes Their Anti-American Agenda for Good

The hashtag ‘Defund PBS’ was trending after President Trump’s epic speech on Tuesday night when he talked about the perils of the US government adopting the tenets of a Communism mindset in what is popularly known as ‘the Deep State’. NPR never censored Biden on any of his hateful speeches about Americans.

Posts calling PBS ‘Communist” for censoring Trump were frequent:

In fact, Trump referred to Communists in his speech:

And digging to the bottom, that hashtag revealed that PBS had gone and shown their deep seeded hatred for the tenets of American liberty and freedom by placing a warning label on Trump’s speech:

In the past, when there was a widespread push to defund the network, the answer back from the left has always been that there is no need to defund them because the people fund them.

And the common sense answer back to that – is – then it won’t hurt for them to be defunded by the federal government. But of course, we know that they are just playing word games.

Becker News reported on some of the details of the Defund NPR movement:

The Public Broadcasting System may have quit Twitter over being called “government-funded media.” Still, its one-sided coverage of American politics continues to demonstrate why it has justly earned the label.

On Tuesday, following the historic arraignment of former President Donald Trump on federal charges, to which he has pleaded ‘not guilty,’ PBS gave an unnecessary warning to the audience that served to discredit the speaker and reduce the credibility of his arguments to the American public.

“Look at what PBS posted at the bottom of Trump’s speech,” the commenter Gays for Trump pointed out on Twitter.

Reaction from social media was intense and quick:

“Read the text at the bottom of this image. Here’s further proof public broadcasting is unnecessary and irrelevant. Defund PBS, NPR, Voice of America, and every other shitty leftist publicly funded broadcast scam organization,” Kenny Webster, a radio broadcaster, wrote on his Twitter.

The Hil has covered the PBS conflict explaining the funding schemes:

We have covered the attack on our own Ben Bergquam from NPR, another government-funded broadcasting group.

Check out our coverage in this flashback:

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