The Torture, Rape and Abuse that Immigration Profiteers Don’t Care About, Filmed Live in Jungles

Ben Bergquam and his associate Oscar El Blue are traveling with Panama law enforcement through the jungles of the Darien Gap where they experienced a group of migrants who are part of the UN-US has driven global compact for migration that has allowed the two organizations to funnel massive amounts of money into nonprofits and other groups, under the lie that they going to take care of the migrations.

Bergquam and El Blue interviewed a group of men and women, including a child, who described how they were tortured and abused by a group of drug cartels.

What they say about what happened to them is shocking and horrifying.

This is the activity the great humanitarian on the left say they are saving.

The Biden administration and the UN, are two groups that make a huge profit by driving people from their homelands, where they have been abused by Socialism and Communism- into the United States, where built into the budget is a ton of money for advocacy groups- as migrants are promised a free and easy life.

And it is all a lie. Everything about the UN and the Biden administration is a lie.

Here is proof.

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