UN Superhighway Full of Dem Lies, Cartel Bandits, Abused Migrants, and Profiteers

Ben Bergquam, a correspondent for Real America’s Voice and host of Law and Order, has been risking his own life to educate Americans about what is happening in the Darien Gap, which is considered a ‘superhighway’ between all of the Americas, and is being used to usher innocent, victimized people and hardcore criminals- both- into the United States.

In that exact area, as uncovered on Frontline America with the help of Real America’s Voice reporting and the War Room, we know that Homeland Security Myorkis has strengthened the area for an easier flow of people to get to the US.

The Biden administration is profiting from driving migrants around the world. They are profiteers.

Live on the War Room program with Steve Bannon, Bergquam, Oscar El Bue, and Bannon talk about the role of NGOS, like Catholic charities have formed a shadow government to push for policies to weaken US borders and are making money off of the government’s budgets by driving a bigger and bigger migration.

Yet those groups do nothing to help the poor people, as we have uncovered so many times in past reporting. Crimes are happening to the people as they make their way from their homeland. Democrats are covering all of this up with the help of the media who are ignoring the problems.

“They are covering up their treason and fraud,” Bergquam told Bannon about why the Democrats are lying so much about the condition of the border and the reasons why there is so much movement.  Reports showed that Biden was in fact, expanding immigration, trying to get more people to come to the United States.

Bergquam has uncovered that many Nongovernment Organizations (NGO) and nonprofits like the United Nations are profiting from a massive human migration into the United States while people face brutal attacks, and they are never warned of the dangers.

Bannon asked Bergquam why understanding the Darrien Gap is so important.

“What is happening here is a good barometer of what is coming into our borders, what is happening in Panama.  What Joe Biden and Secretary Myorkis are telling us is a lie,” Bergquam said.

Bergquam and El Blue are traveling in the area with the law authority of Panama, who feel like they are being betrayed by American Democrats who are driving a narco-terrorist criminal ring.

The mixture of illegal invaders into the US has caused significant hardships for the people of the United States, and the government continues to lie about what they are doing to cause the problems in the first place.

Berquam’s reporting exposes everything and everyone who is benefiting from driving people into the US.

During his most recent investigation, Bergquam was caught up in a gun battle as law enforcement worked to protect migrants from being brutalized while they were being driven toward the United States.

No matter which way we dissect this story, the fact is that migration is causing massive human suffering and not doing anything at all to fix the problems in the countries that people are fleeing.

Bergquam described the situation in the following footage when he appeared in the War Room with Steve Bannon on Tuesday:

And then again on Wednesday:

Heavy gunfire is heard then we hear Bergquam say, “They got him, they got him.. they got at least one or two of them,” heard in the background are men yelling as they rush; Bergquam continues to film the firefight; crouched down in the brush and foliage.

Both Bergquam and El Blue later tell Bannon that the migrants they had spoken to had all reported that they had been attacked and robbed by a gang.

Bergquam adds that no one ever explains to the migrants that the trip they are making is hazardous.  Sometimes, as his investigations have uncovered, people innocently bring their children, who end up dying from trying to make the journey.

During his four-day trip through the Darrien, Gap Bergquam interviewed migrants who said they had been raped and robbed as they made their way to the open borders of the United States, lured there by Joe Biden’s promise that they would have a brand new life.

Bergquam and his associate Oscar ElBlue are reporting live from the border.  Bergquam tells Bannon that they feel these investigations into the area are important because, as Bergquam said: “everything that comes into our border comes through the Border from this area.”

Bergquam updated his followers with more commentary about what happened:

“Epic moment @Oscarelblue caught with me filming the choppers landing just before we were extracted from the Darien Gap, Panama! Exposing the lies of the left! One of the coolest videos I’ve ever been in. God bless Senafront!”

Latest update: “We are safe. Stay tuned for the detail of the firefight in the jungle as we expose the left for the liars that they are! God bless the Senafront heroes that are fighting to protect Panamá!
@RealAmVoice *And no, if you’re wondering, that is not @Oscarelblue next to me. 😉He was in the other extraction helicopter.”

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