“This is the Hill to Die On” Kari Lake Defends MAGA, Refuses to Take Bribe Drop Out [AUDIO]

Kari Lake U.S. Senate candidate for Arizona, released an undercover audio clip of a discussion of what sounds like a potential offer, possibly involving a significant amount of money, clearly being offered to her to dissuade her from running for office for a federal position.

The male speaker, who we now know is AZ Republican Party chairman- Jeff DeWit, expressed to Lake his concerns about influential people wanting to prevent Lake from running, and he mentioned a figure of 10, 20, or 30 million dollars to keep her out of office allegedly.

During the veiled offers to drop out, there are references to the importance of Lake being linked without Republicans, who all had concerns about defeating Trump, for her successful future.

Meaning to be popular and stay in the game – she needed to flip on Trump.

But she stayed loyal.

Lake defended her stance and refused to change, saying that winning elections and protecting the America First agenda was a “Hill to die on”, making a casual comment about people having to kill her to stop her from running.

The conversation also touches on issues related to cartels, globalist agendas, control, and the battle for political influence, both in AZ and in the nation.

Toward the end of the audio, there is a determination to resist any attempts to steal the election and a willingness to be a significant challenge to those opposing the candidate’s run.


Daily Mail broke the story, and the AZ Cental reported that Lake, claims she was offered a bribe by Arizona Republican Party chair DeWit to dissuade her from running for the next two years.

The reported conversation in March, authenticated by London’s Daily Mail, suggests DeWit mentioned powerful people wanting to keep her out.

DeWit allegedly expressed concerns about former President Trump’s reelection chances and suggested putting Lake on a company’s payroll to prevent her candidacy.

Lake emphasized the issue was about the country, not money. DeWit, previously associated with Trump’s campaigns, took over the Arizona GOP in January 2023.

The party has faced financial challenges, with reports of seeking a bailout from the Republican National Committee.

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