Tommy Robinson Arrested Corporate Media Screamed Until he Was Removed [VIDEO]

Freedom of the Press and a Journalist’s ethics to cover events are in the crosshairs of the British government again, as footage from numerous independent people in the area surfaced on social media showing the intimidation and bullying of a British reporter to prevent him from covering a story.

At the 5:30 mark, it is seen that a police officer shoved Robinson as one of his supporters yelled, “Get your hands off of him.”

Footage of Tommy Robinson being arrested was posted on Twitter Sunday morning, as he was being hounded by international corporate media, who circled him, screamed at the was distressed, and harassed him until he was removed from the area.

Robinson had a fiery exchange with Sky News reporters, who told Robinson that he was a disgrace, to which Robinson replied that Sky News was a disgrace for taking the side of Hamas and pushing their “propaganda.”

Corporate media reporters fired back that they felt uncomfortable that Robinson was at the event, as Robinson pointed out he was doing his job with his cameraman in tow.

A chaotic scene unfolded, with Robinson being repeatedly asked by the police officer what his address was, to which he replied that he would not answer with so many cameras in the area.

Robinson demanded the right to speak and cover the details of what appeared to be an anti-Israel rally, and he proved that no one in the area was alarmed or frightened by him by asking if anyone felt intimidated.

Numerous people responded that they were, in fact, happy he was there.

Robinson identified one highly aggressive reporter, who was bustling about Robinson, as being in the area to serve Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Robinson was then hauled off by London Police, as he yelled, “There is no freedom of the Press.”

Robinson’s supporters followed behind in alarm and argued with others about Robinson’s arrest.

Robinson’s Twitter account later posted the speaker who was being protected:

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