Trump Was Right! Ted Budd Leads Polls- Ahead of Trump NC Rally

North Carolina politics is getting very ugly ahead of the rally to support Ted Budd, as President Donald J. Trump comes into town.  A dark money PAC is in a panic- and has rolled out some coinage to try to get Trump to remove his endorsement of Budd- the two-term US Rep., who is running for the US Senate seat for the state.

Trump’s opponents have good reason to be panicking:

Ted Budd Holds 16-point Lead in Republican Primary for U.S. Senate in a new Emerson College poll. 

While Trump supporters are excited about the rally, Budd’s political opponents are setting snares and traps and getting the gossip mills rolling to try to damage him.


Gossip Media was running with a smear campaign late Friday night and early Saturday, against Budd- that was meant to change the positive polling for Budd that had been reported mid-week.

The purpose of the attack was obviously to embarrass Trump for his choice. But Trump was right- about his choice.

Revealed in this story is the early smear attack on Budd that was uncovered by a long time second amendment grassroots leader:

At the NCGOP state convention last Summer, when he endorsed Budd, Trump said that he had to pick someone who could win- and that was Budd. Trump’s instincts were right.

John Locke Foundation reported on their findings, about the NC Senate race- on Thursday:

April 7, 2022

RALEIGH — U.S. Rep. Ted Budd has taken the lead in the latest Civitas Poll of likely voters in the May 17 Republican primary for North Carolina’s open U.S. Senate seat.

In a competition involving all 14 candidates who will appear on the ballot, Budd has support from nearly 32% of likely primary voters. Former Gov. Pat McCrory comes in second with 21%. Former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker ranks third with 7%. No other candidate tops 1%.

Almost 39% of primary voters remain undecided, less than six weeks away from the primary date. A candidate needs to win more than 30% of the vote to avoid a runoff election.

When the field is narrowed to the four candidates who qualified for a Feb. 26 Carolina Journal debate, Budd secures 34% support compared to 24% for McCrory, 10% for Walker, and 3% for Marjorie Eastman. About 30% of voters remain undecided under that scenario.

Among primary voters identifying themselves as “Trump Republicans,” Budd leads McCrory, 38% to 16%. That’s up from a 24% to 21% margin when a similar poll was conducted in January. McCrory leads Budd, 29% to 23%, among self-described “traditional conservative Republicans.” That margin has dropped since January when McCrory held a 33% to 12% edge among that group.

Asked for their top two issues in the Senate race, the top response (49%) was securing the border and preventing illegal immigration. Combating inflation and lowering the cost of living came in second (37%), with ensuring election integrity registering third (23%).

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Budd in the Senate race. More than 55% of likely GOP primary voters said a Trump endorsement would make them more likely to vote for a candidate. About 83% of respondents want a U.S. Senate candidate who is similar to Trump on issues, while 42% want a candidate who mirrors Trump’s “tone” and “style,” along with his issues.

If the 2024 presidential primary election were held today, 45% of respondents would select Trump in a matchup with four other potential candidates. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis comes in second (26%), with Nikki Haley (8%), Mike Pence (6%), and Ted Cruz (2%) rounding out the field. Some 13% of GOP primary voters are undecided given those five options.


Trump endorsed Budd early on, at the Party’s State Convention, which instantly caused massive infighting and drama among the other top candidates for the seat- and the dirty tricks have been ongoing against him- yet Budd is soaring in the polls, indicating that things are going very well for him.  Ted Budd does have a very high Conservative rating= from many sources.

93% Rating Heritage Action 

100% Conservative Rating, Grassroots Groups

97% Club For Growth

Just Friday, more endorsements were rolling in from longtime Conservative grassroots groups who have expert-level legislative action backgrounds, like the NC Values Coalition.

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