Trump’s Iowa Speech Slammed ‘Crooks and Liars in DC’

President Donald J. Trump spoke to an audience of about 1,500 people in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, ahead of the January ‘First in the Nation Caucus’; his speech hit on the topics of government corruption that most concern the American people, and he promised to win Iowa caucuses and to move on to defeat Joe Biden accusing Biden of waging “all-out war on American democracy.”

“Americans don’t like fascists, we don’t like communists, we don’t like tyrants and we don’t like corrupt politicians like Joe Biden,” Trump said.

“For decades, you watched a corrupt political class in our nation’s capital, who looted your money, trampled on your dignity, and pushed their radical agenda into every aspect of your lives. You know it very well. But in 2016, you voted to stand up to those liars, losers , crooks and creeps and you elected an outsider as your president.

And it was about America first. We want to put our country first. They haven’t done that in a long time. But we did it for four years. And that’s why we did so well. That’s why it was one of the great presidencies; they say even the opponents sometimes- say that he did very well. I have to say, take it back. The scream is people saying take it back from that day. We have a lot of opponents, and they have been waging an all-out war in American democracy.

You look at what they’ve been doing and becoming more and more extreme and repressive. They have just waged an all-out war with each passing day. If they focused on our country, it would be a lot easier because we’re going to bring this country to levels that it hasn’t seen before. We’re going to take it to those levels and even higher than what we had just three years ago,” Trump told a welcoming crowd..

With what appeared to be tears in his eyes, about midway through the speech, Trump talked about the decline of America.

“Joe Biden is the destroyer of American democracy, and it’s him and his people. They’re the destroyer of the American dream. The American dream is dead with them in office. It’s sad. We had such a dream, and we had such an American dream. We had such an incredible administration, but it died when these people came into office over the past few years. You’ve watched Biden and his band of Marxist communist fascists try to crush free speech, censor their critics, criminalize dissent, destroy attorney-client privilege, which is something nobody ever thought they’d see in this country, and even attempt to imprison their leading electoral rival by far or bogus charges that happens,” Trump said.


Before the event, a crowd enthusiastically greeted President Trump:

A quick preview:

The full speech was aired on Real America’s Voice:

Trump told the crowd that Biden and allies were destroying American democracy and lamented the current state of the country, feeling that it has been disrespected and laughed at, and talked about issues like immigration and voting, saying his opponents are trying to get him “thrown off the ballot” and that his opponents don’t want to run against him.

He slammed Biden and his administration as “criminals who want to control speech and personal freedoms”, adding that Biden admits to weaponizing AI for the purpose of targeting citizens; Trump vows to cancel executive orders and restore freedom and revive the American dream, and bring back prosperity.

Here are some more highlights:

◦ Talked about his administration’s energy industry success and criticized Biden and unions.

◦ talked about political opponents, loyalty, and the importance of getting out to vote.

◦ he told the audience he could win in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia if elections were fair.

◦ He criticized Biden for not addressing the issue of illegal immigration. He suggested that he could win in states that are currently considered Democratic strongholds, claimed the 2020 presidential election was rigged and vowed to prevent a repeat in 2024.

◦ emphasized the importance of paper ballots, voter ID, and same-day voting to ensure election integrity.

◦ remains optimistic about the political movement and the potential for a second term.

◦ highlighted the success of Pat Buchanan, who came in second place in New Hampshire and had a successful political career afterward.

◦ President Trump discusses his administration’s achievements, including replacing NAFTA with the US-MCA and making a deal with China to buy $50 billion worth of US products.

◦ highlighted his campaign’s success in attracting large crowds at rallies in South Carolina and Texas, despite efforts to underestimate his popularity.)

◦ highlighted his success in securing $28 billion for farmers, citing their support as a reason for his potential victory in Iowa.

◦ talked about his negotiation skills, claiming that he got more from China than any other president and that the Biden administration is “running on fumes.”

◦ said he fought for Iowa ethanol, declaring E15 available all year round and allowing farmers to use existing pumps, saving millions of dollars.

◦ accused Joe Biden of being against ethanol when it suits him, citing a $3.5 million payment from the mayor of Moscow’s wife and lack of justification.

◦ discussed his border wall with Mexico, stating he built 561 miles despite opposition from Democrats and Republicans.

◦ revealed he got 28,000 soldiers from Mexico to guard the border while building the wall, despite their initial refusal to pay for it.

◦ demanded Mexico pay for a “remain in Mexico” policy and 28,000 soldiers, threatening a 25% tariff on Mexican goods entering the US.

◦ highlighted his accomplishments, including recognizing Israel’s capital and embassy in Jerusalem, and recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

◦ claimed Iran was broke under his administration due to his policies, including refusing to allow countries to buy oil from them.

◦ claimed he would have prevented WW3 and ended open borders policies if re-elected.

◦ called for large-scale deportation of immigrants, citing security concerns.

◦ vowed to deport “bad ones” and restore law and order in America.

◦promised to clean up Washington DC, rebuild capital, and protect Social Security and Medicare.

◦ criticized Obamacare, saying it’s too expensive and provides poor coverage.

◦ promised to make healthcare more affordable and give Americans more options while also addressing issues like critical race theory and vaccine mandates in schools.

◦ urged Republicans to vote in local precinct caucus on Martin Luther King Day to prevent cheating in elections.

◦ urged the audience to save America from embarrassment and restore it as the greatest nation in history.

◦ said the US is facing economic decline, high inflation, and energy insecurity, while pursuing a Green New Deal and electrifying military vehicles.

◦ criticized Biden for foreign policy decisions, including ending oil production in US, surrendering in Afghanistan, and allowing Russia to devastate Ukraine.

◦ lamented the decline of the US as a respected global power, citing the erosion of a free press, free speech, and religious freedom.

◦ called the US a nation in crisis, facing economic collapse, broken supply chain, and sadistic criminals, with lost confidence and weakened institutions.

◦ called for supporters to “drain the swamp” and defeat “crooked Joe Biden” in 2020.

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