Over 23 Islamic Countries Have Invaded Southern Border- Why Trump Will Reinstate Travel Ban

Real America’s Voice correspondent Anthony Aguero reported to Steve Bannon in the War Room on Friday about some scandalous footage he had captured from the embattled Lukeville, Arizona, port of entry on the US Southern Border. 

The border there is in chaos, according to even corporate media reports, due to a massive influx of illegal invaders at that spot, as reported HERE and HERE, mostly from Islamic countries. 

Aguerro told Bannon:

“Here’s a list of 23 out of the 57 countries that make up the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, as you were just speaking of these countries from the Middle East and North Africa. In the last couple of months, I myself have documented countries from Afghanistan, Chad, Egypt, and Guinea. Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Pakistan, Senegal, Somalia, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Iraq, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

This organization is part of the is called the Islamic Cooperation. Members of this particular organization are the total number of countries involved 56 of which are part of the United Nations, and these men continue to arrive every single night down here on the south and border.

Last night. I was out there with a group of about 700 Africans and men from the Middle East, all from predominantly Muslim countries.

Out there in the desert, there’s start setting campfires, setting fires to trees, brushes, there’s cactus, and there’s a reservation area out here for the cactus those are being depleted as they are being used as support for burning purposes so they can keep warm during the night.

The cartel is so brazen that they’re now just cutting right through the fence out here.”

This frightening Aguero War Room report happened just one day before President Donald J. Trump delivered an epic speech in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Saturday night and highlighted the need to bring back his administration’s travel ban, which has been a consistent part of Trump’s 2024 campaign speech.


According to Aguero’s report, he mentioned 23 countries from the Middle East and North Africa that had been represented at the Lukevile port, where law enforcement was attempting to get thousands of people under control. Aguerro and Bannon talked about footage of Cartel members cutting through the border fence and setting fires in the desert, mocking Border Patrol.

Bannon introduced a government report on how much it costs Americans to pay for housing and caring for the illegal invaders. The cost of providing basic needs for migrants is staggering, according to the report.

Aguero and Bannon talked about what appears to be the driving force behind the influx- the  Global Compact for Migration from the UN, reminding viewers that Obama got the US into the mess right before departing the White House.   President Trump’s ban stopped the US involvement with the US, as we reported HERE, and then Biden got us back into the compact, and that is what is causing this mess. 

Aguero especially highlighted that the invasion from Muslim countries is unvetted.  


Bannon was correct about the cost to Americans:

According to a report by the House Homeland Security Committee, the cost of caring for migrants who entered the US illegally and have been released into the country or escaped from custody could be as high as $451 billion 1. The report cites the costs incurred in medical care, housing, education, and other welfare benefits for tens of millions of migrants 1. However, it is important to note that this report is from a single source and may not represent the entire picture.

A study by the Institute for the Study of Labor suggests that immigration has substantially raised prices of owner-occupied housing after the AFMP reform came into place, whereas pre-reform immigration did not have an effect on housing costs 2.

Another study by the Urban Institute found that while inflows of immigrants caused a significant increase in home prices and rents in big cities, the areas surrounding those cities experienced even more cost inflation 3.

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