Trump’s Phone Call: Allegations With No Substance! 7 Years of ‘Get Trump’ Media Trial

The latest in the saga to GET TRUMP! Monday night edition.

The Joe Biden Federal Government is running a recurring scheme against President Donald Trump that they have run for seven years. They are running a story to taint a potential jury because their smoking gun is inadmissible in a court of law.

According to the AP:

An audio recording from a meeting in which former President Donald Trump discusses a “highly confidential” document with an interviewer appears to undermine his later claim that he didn’t have such documents, only magazine and newspaper clippings.

The recording, from a July 2021 interview Trump gave at his Bedminster, New Jersey, resort for people working on the memoir of his former chief of staff Mark Meadows, is a critical piece of evidence in special counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump over the mishandling of classified information.

The special counsel’s indictment alleges that those in attendance at the meeting with Trump — including a writer, a publisher, and two of Trump’s staff members — were shown classified information about a Pentagon plan of attack on an unspecified foreign country.

HOWEVER… Let’s remember.

It is a phone call, not anything else, and they are trying their case in the courts of public opinion because they want the charge that Trump did something to be the damage he suffers- and we know that because what they are leaking is inadmissible.

In other words, for Trump’s opponents to use this in court, he has to SHOW people documents, and this phone call is likely their entire case- the best card they have and- it is inadmissible.

This newest attempt to get Trump is like-Russiagate 4.0. It is just more ‘he said’, ‘she said’- and secret witnesses.. it is more shock over boxes in the hallways- when they never ask the question— what is in the boxes?

This is the same idiocy all over again. We have been here for 7 years.

Hearing pundits talk about how they “got Trump now” is like hearing about another case of rape without a date.

So we now have a recording with no document. They can’t place people in the room with the same record. It is a nothing burger but has the media- who suffers from a lack of views and interest from the public, something else to discuss.

It is more lawfare and leaked documents and show trials trying to damage Trump by shaping public opinion. It is nothing of substance for the nation, or to serve the American people.

Charlie Kirk posted an update from CBS News about the leaked tape:

It’s important to remember that the DOJ leaking the audio is just another degradation of Democrat Joe Biden’s political opponent:

The media is talking about it a lot- because they believe the American people are stupid. It is impossible to describe how ridiculous the media thinks the American people are.

And their ratings are sinking fast.

One talking head on MSNBC said Monday night that he could “ONLY imagine a jury seeing it the footage,” and that is right- actually- he could only imagine- because he never will see a jury’s reaction to the footage- because it won’t be allowed in court.

You have to have the document …

Ben Bergquam talked about how meaningless the Trump Tape is:

Trump is soaring in the polls because he represents the people.

And the ratings that Tucker Carlson is getting is proof that no one cares what the media says:

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