Trump’s Second Term Success Hinges on House Majority, Bannon Says

Monday’s WarRoom show highlighted that President Donald J. Trump’s second-term success hinges on maintaining the majority in the US House, which activists need to focus on now to help reduce danger for Trump, according to the Bannon War Room.

On Tuesday, March 12, show host, Steve Bannon unified the major themes of holding and gaining seats in the US House to safeguard President Trump, the Democrats’ tactics to thwart Trump and MAGA, and how the administrative state controls everything in DC.

Based on National Pulse investigations, Bannon, host of the War Room, showed that losing that majority would, ironically, likely lead to immediate efforts to prevent certification of the election results and then further to subsequent impeachment proceedings.

Bannon was very impressed with National Pulse reporting on Biden’s transcripts:

In the morning show, Bannon emphasized the critical importance of the upcoming house elections, linking them closely to the outcome of the general presidential election. On Tuesday, his guests, Alex Degrasse and Ralph Reed, talked about their plans to get out the vote and what the messaging should be from activists to their Reps—crafted from daily headlines about current events.

Bannon also warned that the Democrats had their use of TIK TOK and Taylor Swift, to control messaging, that the WarRoom Posse needs to be aware of:

Additionally, Bannon urged his audience to stay focused and prepared for the upcoming battle on November 4th.

SIGNAL NOTES: “Our theory of the case is you can’t have a successful Trump second term, if you lose the house majority because immediately, even before he takes the oath of office, they’re going to be sitting there to try to make sure they don’t certify it. Then if we power through that they’re going to impeach him. This is just going to be a fiasco. That’s why we’re saying the house elections this year more than ever before in American history, are hardwired into the general presidential election,” Bannon said Tuesday.

“Lace them high and lace them up tight- 237 and a wake-up to go,” Bannon tells his audience to focus on the fight ahead on November 4th.

Recommended Reading from Tuesday: Bannon discussed these three fundamental articles. The Federalist articles were discussed in the Patel segment, followed by the WSJ article by Holman Jenkins in the Walsh segment. Both segments appeared on the Monday Evening WarRoom show.


Federalist J6

Federalist Hur


Bannon stressed the importance of the WSJ article, which shows that “our elites” like their managed decline. He talked about their obsession with the green movement, which he describes as a “cult ideology, a medieval theology, and driving the country into the ground.”

The Federalist articles he recommended show that Trump’s improper prosecution has triggered a call for action to demand defunding the government agencies that are prosecuting him improperly.

Recommend Book: Government Gangsters (Watch for War Room movie to come out soon)

Call to action for War Room Posse: Kash Patel directed the War Room audience to call Their Representatives and demand they block taxpayer money from being used to prosecute Trump based on two Federalist articles.


1st segment morning show:

The show opened with a “Morning Joe” clip where he labeled Trump as an “autocrat” and accused him of having an “anti-American bent toward authoritarianism.”

The MSNBC clip discussed the economy before shifting away from their usual “anti-Democracy” rhetoric aimed at Trump’s opponents.

Bannon highlighted the peaceful times during Trump’s presidency, which he claims the “smear media” ignores to make political attacks against Trump. He suggested that recent criticisms and tantrums over Trump’s meetings with Victor Orban are attempts to divert attention from concerns about George Soros. According to Bannon, MSNBC commentators fear Orban because Orban previously expelled Soros from Hungary.

Bannon questioned why critics labeled the economy under Trump as authoritarian, especially considering its benefits for working-class people. He emphasized that these arguments about Trump being an authoritarian- do not sway the American people.

2nd Segment:

Ralph Reed, Faith in Freedom.

Reed discussed a detailed and impressive “Get out the Vote” plan to encourage Christians to vote for Trump in November.

3rd Segment

John Solomon, Just the News

It started with a glimpse of Robert Hur’s testimony and John Solomon’s discussion of the suppression of testimony from an earlier deposition for Joe Biden. Solomon’s focus was Cassidy Huttichsion’s testimony. “They literally concocted a false story and hid and destroyed testimony that contradicts them. Because no one got punished for Russia, and so now they are continuing,” Solomon told Bannon.

Bannon pointed out that the J6 Committee was not set up right, so it was not Constitutionally sound. “They need criminal referrals because they are all in on it to destroy Trump and the MAGA movement,” Bannon said about the willful usurpation of our process for Committees.

“This was a large conspiracy,” Solomon added.

Solomon’s interview with Bannon included telling Bannon to look at Monday’s testimony regarding Biden’s state of mind and why he had two documents when he tried to force the firing in Ukraine.

4th Segment:

Raheem Kassam, National Pulse

Flash to Robert Hur giving testimony.

Raheem’s report on Biden’s testimony and Hur’s analysis of Biden

Back to Hur’s testimony

5th Segment:

Alex Degrasse

The Segment opens with Raheem’s interview from 3/11 about the Rasmussen poll and graph showing that 57% of likely Democratic voters like not certifying the election if Trump wins.

Also, Alex Degrasse’s interview was re: polling Playbook article, House races.

6th Segment:

Connecting dots is “far from as grim as Marc Elias says. We are better positioned, but we need more MAGA in. It is looking good, and we are feeling confident, but 15-20 districts are still up for grabs. We are worried about the House impeaching Trump right away. But the new Congress—who is the one to certify the President are that new Congress?” Bannon said, referring to TikTok.

That brings up the use of TikTok as a foreign influence. Bannon talked about Taylor Swift and how TikTok is a formidable presence with young women.

7th Segment:

Raheem talked about Marc Ellias and the plan to steal the 2020 election.

8th Segment:

Bannon returns to Reed’s interview about getting Christians out to vote: “This is a base plus election. Both groups need to turn out their base. We are not going to convert people. So they go people with low propensity and low information voters. The people who are not that interested in voting,” Bannon said, adding that Trump’s opponents were also devising ways to get people out to vote.

“Elias and Raskin are smart. They are plotting. They are smart, tuff people who have taken a blood oath to not let Trump be seated. It all comes from the House and not it is linked to Trump’s success in his second term and why we are watching,” Bannon said

Lindell appeared to talk about his upcoming SCOTUS case. “It opens the door to add new evidence that has not been heard yet, and it is perfect timing. We are going to get an open door,” Lindell said, adding that having the Supreme Court look at it is national security.

“Even if they do not accept it, the world will see this new evidence,” he said.

Bannon and Lindell discussed that many people must have known about the new evidence, but Lindell’s discovery will get SCOTUS to reopen the election cases that they said had no standing.

Bannon pointed out that all of this corruption happened under Trump, showing that the Administrative state is running the government.

9th Segment:

Jim Jordan at Hur’s testimony on Biden’s eight million-dollar benefit for the book his ghostwriter was working on.


Kash Patel, Government Gangstas

Laura Loomer, Loomer Media

Raheem talked about his investigation into Marc Elias and a push to lay the foundation for decertifying the 2024 election should Trump win.

Kash Patel talked about Federalist articles.

Dave Walsh is talking about the WSJ article and Electric Vehicles.

Bannon deconstructed the environmental movement, which is a powerful political movement for Democrats. He spoke of the pressures and virtue signaling that people feel to keep it together and elevated.

Laura Loomer appeared on the program to give live reports from the Hur hearing and discuss the national security implications of having Joe Biden in charge. She also talked about J6, saying that the US House members have lied and that there is no accountability. She referred to Trump’s J6 post on Truth Social media.

Mike Lindell discussed what he will do on Thursday at the Supreme Court.


Carrie Sheffield

The show opens with Hur’s testimony to Matt Gaetz at the Biden hearing. In it, he asks if Hur has looked at the actions of the CCP, which shows the double standards of how Biden was treated differently than Trump.

Jordan’s speech from hearing. Jordan exposes that pride and money are why Biden knowingly broke rules and laws.

Bannon says these actions show “the crumbling of the lawfare case and shows why Marc Elias has to come up with something new, which is the plan to deny the certification of the Presidential election when Trump wins in Nov. 2024.”

Carrie Sheffield, an author, talked about mental health issues and how psyops are designed to create panic-inducing feelings through algorithms.

Sheffield talked about her book, Motorhome Phrophies, about Intergenerational trauma.

Bannon brought back focus to the Budget process – and reminded people that they must ask why the government is being funded to go after the family and after Trump.

“This fight is a standoff,” Bannon said.


Here are some common themes and connections among these points:

Political Activism and Strategy: Bannon and his associates are involved in political strategy and activism. This includes analyzing media narratives, highlighting perceived biases or agendas, and mobilizing their audience to take specific actions, such as contacting representatives or advocating for particular policies.

Focus on Media Influence: There’s a consistent focus on media narratives and their impact on public perception. Bannon and others analyze and critique mainstream media coverage, finding the biases or manipulative parts, particularly against figures aligned with the Trump administration or the MAGA movement.

Election Integrity and Decertification: There’s a recurring concern about election integrity, particularly regarding the 2020 and future elections. Discussions include allegations of voter fraud, efforts to challenge election results, and strategies for ensuring what they perceive as fair outcomes, often centered around support for Trump.

Legal and Political Maneuvering: The discussions involve legal and political maneuvers, such as efforts to block potential prosecution of Trump or challenge the certification of election results. There’s a focus on leveraging legal processes and public opinion to achieve political objectives.

Criticisms of Opponents: Bannon and his guests expose ulterior motives.

National Security Concerns: There are mentions of national security implications, particularly regarding the Biden administration’s actions or decisions. Discussions touch on potential vulnerabilities or risks associated with specific policies or individuals in power.

Messaging and Mobilization: Bannon emphasizes the importance of messaging and mobilization, particularly among grassroots supporters and specific demographic groups like Christians or young voters. There’s an effort to frame political issues in ways that resonate with these audiences and spur them to action.

Alternative Media Platforms: Alternative media platforms, such as TIK TOK, are mentioned, and their potential influence on public opinion or political outcomes is discussed. There is an awareness of these platforms’ role in shaping narratives and mobilizing supporters.

These points suggest a highly organized and strategic approach to political activism and messaging, focusing on shaping public opinion, challenging adversaries, and advancing specific political objectives aligned with the MAGA movement and Trump’s agenda.

WarRoom with Steve Bannon can be seen on GETTR and Real America’s Voice AP, as well as other platforms M 10 AM-12 PM and M-F 5:00-6:00 PM and 6:00-7:00 PM on Frank Speech.

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