Biden Accused of Violating Espionage Act, Special Counsel Protects Him

Evidence has surfaced from a Tuesday Congressional hearing implicating Democrat President Joe Biden in a serious breach of national security. Sources close to the investigation reveal that there is clear evidence suggesting Biden violated the Espionage Act by willfully taking and retaining highly classified records from his tenure as Vice President and even during his time as a Senator and giving the documents to a ghostwriter, for a book which he had been promised eight million dollars for, in return.

Reports indicate that six separate caches of stolen classified records, left unguarded for years, were moved frequently and accessible by individuals with ties to China, potentially including Biden’s own son, Hunter Biden. These records, allegedly used for foreign corruption, have raised grave concerns about the security of sensitive information within the highest echelons of the government.

Furthermore, it is alleged that Biden unlawfully shared these highly classified records with his ghostwriter. The situation took a sinister turn when the ghostwriter was accused of obstructing justice by deleting recordings of highly classified discussions with Biden, particularly after learning that Special Counsel Rob Hur had been appointed to investigate the matter.

Special Counsel Hur, handpicked by Attorney General Merrick Garland, has come under intense scrutiny for his handling of the case by both Republicans and Democrats. Despite overwhelming evidence pointing to Biden’s culpability, Hur has seemingly gone out of his way to shield the President from prosecution, claiming that Biden was too feeble to stand trial.

In a move that has shocked many observers, Hur has argued that Biden’s declining mental state creates reasonable doubt as to whether he intended to willfully take and retain the highly classified records. This defense, while controversial, has provided a lifeline for Biden in the face of mounting allegations.

The revelation of these accusations has sent shockwaves through Washington, sparking calls for a thorough and impartial investigation into the matter. With the integrity of the highest office in the land at stake, the nation waits anxiously for answers and accountability.

Mike Davis, from Article Three chimed in on Twitter on Tuesday with his reaction to the hearing:

US Rep. Andy Biggs, (R-AZ) discussed, on Monday, the lack of consequences for Biden, saying that the hearing could uncover conflicts that could lead to Impeachment charges indicating that if Biden is too feeble to stand trial, he is not fit to lead the country:

Hur, in his testimony to US Rep. Jerold Nadler (D-NY) admitted that he believed Biden lied to him:

Of notable interest is that the transcript of Biden’s earlier testimony had been withheld, by the DO, until today, which showed that Biden had not been truthful about a number of things when questioned about his handling of important classified documents, among other lies:


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