Turning Point Culture: Grassroots Revolution has Started at America Fest in Pheonix Arizona

Turning Point USA kicked off its three-day event, talking about Political division and resistance in America in front of 13,000 people in Phoenix, AZ, for the most significant conservative event in US history, “fighting a top-down revolution,”Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk told a roaring and enthusiastic crowd of mixed ages and backgrounds.

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Kirk was the first to speak on Saturday and started by talking about the division between Washington, DC and the rest of America, arguing that the elites in DC are working against the country’s interests.

(1) Turning Point USA on X: “”I think the people running the Conservative movement the last couple decades should just go be liberals, because that’s what they actually are.” @charliekirk11 #AmFest2023 https://t.co/3Sf0nd8uLj” / X (twitter.com)

Kirk reminded his audience that the elite hate the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. The Turning Point USA event is a message to them that their actions will not go unnoticed.

The event is a networking event highlighting Free speech, conservatism, and activism, and turning point activism is based on powerful tactics.

In attendance were thousands of high school students, who were treated as VIPS, and a Turning point staff of 700 people who addressed graphic design, communications, and media.

Kirk took some time to reflect on the growth of Turning Point USA over the past 11 years, from humble beginnings to hosting events nearly as big as the Republican National Convention, staying with the group’s original purpose of the importance of educating people about free speech rights and the ability of the common man to challenge authority, noting that as these abilities grow, the likelihood of victory increases.

“I want you to know my story of starting a movement from a garage in Lemont, Illinois, with no money or connections, and now has 1800 high school and college chapters across the country with 600,000 student activists and 300,000 grassroots donors.,” Kirk said on Saturday.

“One of the reasons why the powerful are getting nervous is because we can finally speak again on live one of the big victories of 2023 is that we can say that’s BS. No, you’re not going to trans our kids. You’re not gonna groom our children. You’re not gonna, you’re not going to call us these terrible, awful names. When in reality, you’re the you’re actually the things that you’re calling us.

You see, as this as as our ability to speak and challenge authority and challenge power grows the likelihood of our victory increases. You say 11 years ago, when we started turning point USA. We started in a very, very humble way. And I want to take a step back, because I want all of you to know the incredible journey that we have been on a turning point USA and I want to tell you the turning point story,” Kirk said.

Kirk described a “left-wing beta male” stereotype and showed a video clip that showed Kirk sparking a confrontation with an unknown speaker who accused Kirk of spreading hate.

As he often does, Kirk, emphasized the importance of masculinity and conservatism among young boys and men, citing a recent poll showing a surge in conservative beliefs among young boys.

Turning Point USA’s annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit brings together 2500 young conservative women, showcasing the organization’s commitment to empowering young people and promoting conservative values.

Kirk also addressed:

• Gender identity, education, and spirituality.

• Faith, politics, and social issues.

• Political activism and accountability

Kirk said that Turning Point USA aims to remodel the Republican Party from the bottom up, hold leaders accountable, and downgrade the NDAA through their sister organization, Turning Point Action, and he expressed frustration with the Republican Party.

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Kirk called for RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel to resign, citing a need for a more aggressive and effective Republican Party.

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Talking about the importance of taking action and using their platform to hold elected leaders accountable, Kirk encouraged attendees to have a posture of “Lord, use me” and to soak in the training and breakouts at America Fest and after the convention to prioritize marriage and children over career ambition.

(1) Peachy Keenan on X: “@TPUSA Charlie telling kids to get married young and have a lot of kids! Peachy book out how long https://t.co/F7EBJQKwYU” / X (twitter.com)

The three-day event is full of references to the importance of grassroots movements and decentralized actions to take back communities and school boards despite the overwhelming darkness.

After Kirk Spoke, Roseanne Barr, and Glen Beck spoke- each talking about serious concerns they have over the loss of Constitutional rights.

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