Invasion and IEDs: Danger Where the Wall Ends, Cartels Fighting Over Abandoned Land

Three independent reporters filmed an overflow of illegal immigrants into the US from Mexico, roaming the land like nomads-many people who originated in China and other similar foreign lands with an adversarial relationship with the US. The reporters filmed those who gathered in an unlawful encampment, up to about 120 people every day, waiting in the area for 2-3 days without being verified, roaming “like cattle” in a sort of shadow society.

The illegal poachers are allowed to ignore all environmental restrictions that American citizens who be fined if they ignored, as two Real America’s Voice correspondents reported, and that is not the worst part of the story.

The independent reporters went into great detail about finding explosive devices called IEDs at the border on the Mexico side. When paired together with the idea of known terrorists crossing into the US- this expose should alarm law enforcement.

But the Biden administration is just watching people wandering around the borders from known problematic countries- and letting the dangers engulf the US.

What the independent media reported this week, matches perfectly with a CBS report about terrorists crossing over the border from months ago:

Terrorist watchlist matches arrested at U.S.-MX border increasing, border officials say

From their November CBS report:

In the wake of the attacks in Israel, border officials say they’ve seen a growing number of people on the FBI terrorist watchlist trying to enter the country through the southern border CBSA received.

Border Patrol officials say that between October of last year and September 30 of this year, 151 migrants with positive terrorism watch list matches were arrested after crossing into the US illegally along the southern border.

The number of known or suspected terrorists or anyone connected to one entering the country illegally through the southern border is at an all-time high.

That’s according to US Customs and Border Protection. We ought to be concerned about the high number of migrants who have the intention of harming us.

The figures show that in fiscal year 2023, CBP arrested a total of 154 noncitizens on the government’s Terrorist Screening watch list, and 151 of those individuals were arrested along the southern border. The numbers are up from 98 in the last fiscal year.

The numbers represent a small fraction of all migrants processed at ports of entry.

“They could be related or associated with someone linked to a terrorist organization. CBP officials said that individuals arriving at the San Diego border sector is run through a series of databases. Eden says officials’ filtering method is especially important for San Diego because of our proximity to the wall,” the CBS report reads, adding:

“We are right now in a dangerous world and a precarious situation. The Homeland Threat Assessment for 2020 for the Department of Homeland Security said that a recorded encounter of migrants arriving from a growing number of countries has complicated border and immigration security.”

US government agencies have not publicly indicated whether any individuals affiliated with Hamas have been arrested along the US-Mexico border.

And now even Fox News is reporting that the danger of violent crimes by violent people is getting worse:

A report was released late last week that said ten explosive devices were found at the border in Eagle Pass, Texas. Knowing the presence of known violent terrorists- wasn’t enough to make Democrats take the border seriously- would explosive devices be anything different?

No. It didn’t, because this isn’t the first time this has happened:

Joe Biden has forced a stand down of law enforcement in some areas of the Southern border where the border wall ends, and reports are that some independent media have gotten that the Cartels are fighting for ownership of that land, and there is no one to stop them.

Check this coverage out:

Reports from local border activists are that the NGOs are bringing supplies for the nomads to help dangerous people, noting that some people are wandering off, not to be found again, so there is an increase in concerns about violent crimes.

Ben Bergquam, Oscar El Blue, and Anthony Aguero have spent a decade chronicling the invasion of the Southern border and its impact on the American people; each says the conditions are worsening.

Last week, they were all in California.

“Headed over to “cartel country” today, on the Mexico side of Jacumba, CA, where vast numbers of Chinese nationals and Middle Eastern illegals are invading America. This is a hazardous area that the cartels control, and every day, they are fighting over the territory that Joe Biden has made so lucrative for them with his open border invitation. With@Oscarelblue, ” Ben Bergquam reported on his Twitter account about the nomads.

While there, Bergquam ran into his pal and fellow journalist, Aguero,

“Back on the US side of Jacumba, CA, and guess who I ran into…@AgueroForTexas, who broke the story several months ago, as leftist NGOs continue to aid and abet this illegal invasion. End the #BidenBorderInvasion#Trump2024

Aguero shared his footage, and together, the two wove a story of danger to the United States, including looming Cartel battles:

Independent media is covering the dangers to Americans faster than corporate media.

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