UN Calls It “Transnational Organized Crime” So Where Is Biden On What Our Cameras Recorded?

It is not like a Democrat to ignore what the United Nations says, so it is somewhat surprising that we have exposed something fundamental which Democrat Joe Biden appears to be ignoring; Untold stories of human and drug smuggling. We have proof.

“We know what the mainstream media wants people to see, and while they are pushing stories about people on the river, they have people on these trails, that go on for miles and miles that are used by drug cartels who are modern-day slave traders. They are running people on these trails, undercover. These are people who do not want to get caught. These are the untold stories the Democrats do not want you to see,” Ben Bergquam said in the video below.

Key point: Even the United Nations warns nations about the dangerous crimes of smuggling human beings and drugs, over borders, for profit.

It is important to remember that courageous reporters like Bergquan, founder of Frontline America, have been exposing the many crimes on the Southern Border for months. Yet, the Biden administration has ignored all reporting that isn’t what they want to hear.

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Watch Bergquam show known smuggling paths:


Consider this from the United Nations Office On Drugs And Crime:

“The smuggling of migrants is a truly global concern, with a large number of countries affected by it as origin, transit, or destination points. Profit-seeking criminals smuggle migrants across borders and between continents. Assessing the actual size of this crime is a complex matter, owing to its underground nature and the difficulty of identifying when irregular migration is being facilitated by smugglers. Smugglers take advantage of the large number of migrants willing to take risks in search of a better life when they cannot access legal channels of migration.

Smuggled migrants are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Their safety and even their lives are often put at risk: they may suffocate in containers, perish in deserts or drown at sea while being smuggled by profit-seeking criminals who treat them as goods. As the crime is a clandestine one, accurate global figures are difficult to come by. Nevertheless, it is estimated that two of the principal smuggling routes – leading from East, North and West Africa to Europe and from South America to North America – generate about $6.75 billion a year for criminals. [1] The global figure is likely to be much higher.”

Here is what the UN says they are worried about:

Moving people for profit
The harsh search for a better life
Routes and packages
A far-reaching crime
What can be done?

So- where is Joe Biden? Where is the UN? Someone should point them to this article.

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