Unveiling Michele Obama’s Run for POTUS at the DNC, and Her Terrible Relationship with the Black Community in Chicago

In August, political tensions will be reaching a crescendo in Chicago as the Democratic National Committee prepares to convene. A filmmaker’s assertion of an unexpected nominee poised to emerge from the party has sparked intrigue and speculation to an already tense situation.

This trailer, from Joel Gilbert, is getting a lot of attention:

Meanwhile, concerns are escalating about crimes as a result of out of control illegal invasion in Mchelle’s hometown, particularly in the South Side of Chicago, where the influx of illegals has strained resources and exacerbated existing political frustrations.

No one has heard from the Obama about the problems there.

Recently four Venezuelan immigrants were arrested in Chicago for allegedly robbing and assaulting a man on a CTA train on Saturday. The suspects, identified as Fernando Loyo-Rodriguez, Wilker Gutierrez Sierra, Carlos Carreno-Carreno, and Yonnier Guasamucare Garcia, were apprehended less than an hour after the incident. They were charged with robbery and aggravated battery/strangulation. The men, residing in a city-run migrant shelter, faced potential deportation if convicted. The incident raised national security concerns amid increased migrant arrivals in Chicago, with over 35,000 migrants relocated to the city since August 2022.

Michelle Obama has been quiet about her parties push for more illegals to be in her once loved hometown. Gilbert is calling her out about that:

Chicago, a sanctuary city, is under tremendous strain- and the eyes of the world are upon them as the DNC grows closer and the anticipated reimergence of the Obamas to public life and the illegal invasion strain the city.

Many people are left with a sense of doom over a collision of disasters for the America First movement.

Imagine as Summer 2024 draws to end with all eyes on the Democrat National Committee in Chicago, the home of the Obamas, and the home of Marxist Community Organizing.

The sun casting long shadows across the empty streets as Mr. and Mrs. America sit in their dimly lit living room, their eyes fixed on the television screen. A voice known to be Steve Bannon, host of the War Room, pierced the silence with a sense of urgency.

And then another voice is heard:

“Obama,” it whispered, drawing the couple’s attention to the screen where the face of Michelle Obama appeared, radiant and poised.

“Michelle Obama is the most popular woman in America,” the voice declared, but their minds were already racing, thoughts swirling with skepticism and suspicion over the entry of the Obamas into American politics.

“I hate politics,” Mr. America muttered to Mrs. America, but the voice on the screen of filmmaker Joel Gilbert continued, its tone unwavering.

“Forget about the disclaimer,” Gilbert told Bannon, insisting “I’m convinced that Michelle Obama is running for president in 2024.”

The Americas leaned forward in unity and curiosity piqued as the voice delved into a narrative of political maneuvering and ambition. Michelle’s supposed plan to seize power, echoing the steps taken by her husband, Barack, to ascend to the highest office in the land.

As the voice of Gilbert outlined Michelle’s alleged path to political prominence, the Americas couldn’t shake the feeling of unease creeping over them. The details painted a picture of calculated strategy and deception, leaving them questioning everything they thought they knew about the former First Lady.

But it wasn’t just Michelle’s ambitions that troubled them. The voice spoke of a darker side to her past, one marked by betrayal and exploitation of the very community she claimed to champion.

Flashes of news articles from the year past, of the demolition of their beloved Southside from an illegal invasion, flashed through their minds.

They listened intently as the voice laid bare Michelle’s alleged transgressions, each revelation more damning than the last. Then their initial skepticism gave way to a growing sense of outrage, fueled by the realization that they may have been misled by the carefully curated image presented to the public.

Because look at the way the Black communities have been destroyed, they thought.

As the voice on the screen concluded its narrative, the couple was left grappling with a newfound sense of disillusionment. The veil had been lifted, revealing the truth behind the polished facade of Michelle Obama’s public persona.

With a heavy heart, Mr. America turned off the television, his thoughts consumed by the unsettling revelations he had just witnessed. In the darkness of his living room, he couldn’t help but wonder what other secrets lay hidden beneath the surface of the political landscape.

And the urgency to do something became a painful stab, because now it was too late.

As the country geared up for the 2024 Democratic National Convention, he couldn’t help but wonder what other secrets lay buried beneath the surface of the political landscape, waiting to be unearthed amidst the fervor of the upcoming presidential election.

And why he didn’t warn others when he had a chance.

It is too bad that the Americas didn’t find this interview when you did, in Februrary, so it could spread out all around.

But you, dear read do have that chance. Check this out- follow Joel Gilbert, watch the War Room, watch the Michelle Obama movie and be a force multiplier- spread it all around:

Remember the CONVENTION:

The 2024 Democratic National Convention is a significant event where delegates of the United States Democratic Party will gather to select the party’s nominees for president and vice president in the upcoming 2024 United States presidential election. The event will take place August 19-22, 2024 at the United Center Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois.

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