UPDATES! First Domino in the Dem’s AZ Fraud May Be About to Fall

Even though the Maricopa, Arizona election officials removed him and tried to deny Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice access to press conferences and press releases regarding the highly suspicious 2022 election for Governor, Bergquam was relentless in bringing the truth to the American people, knowing what a concern election integrity is for the majority of voters.

“Praying the first domino in the Democrats Fraud is about to fall! #ArizonaElectionFraud #AbeWon #KariWon #FinchemWon!,” Bergquam wrote on Monday, and highlighted a story about the troubled election in the race for Attorney General, which may result in something that could impact the entire election by journalist Corinne Murdock, who wrote:

“Recent analysis of uncounted provisional ballots in November’s attorney general race makes a compelling case that Abe Hamadeh received more legal votes than Kris Mayes.

The 2022 faceoff between Hamadeh and Mayes serves as one of the closest races in Arizona’s history. It’s on par with one other historically significant race that was ultimately overturned, even after both the Maricopa County Superior Court and a Democratic Secretary of State had declared a winner: the 1916 gubernatorial election. 

However, the year-long contention of that election had to do with the design of the ballots confusing voters on their vote. This time around, just over 100 years later, the issue concerned voters whose votes were denied to them due to government missteps and failures with election administration.

Last Tuesday, the Mohave County Superior Court granted Hamadeh oral arguments in his motion for a new trial challenging the outcome of his election based on hundreds of allegedly disenfranchised voters. That will occur in about a month, on May 16. Hamadeh shared that they have over 250 affidavits from allegedly disenfranchised voters at present. The vote margin difference is 280,” Murdock wrote.

Here is the story that got Bergquam’s attention:

Murdock covered the details of how Hamadeh’s case would proceed, concluding by reporting:

“Then there’s the 269 voters who showed up on election day with their mail-in ballot and checked in — but never had their vote counted. Yet, on the county’s end, those check-ins reflect votes cast. Of those 269 who dropped off mail-in ballots that weren’t counted, 149 were Republicans, 53 were Democrats, and 67 were “other.” Hamadeh reported that many of those voters told his team that their votes weren’t counted. 

With a 280 vote margin between Mayes and Hamadeh, any of these contested provisional or mail-in ballots may result in the first race overturned in nearly a century.

And the second race to be overturned in a century could be close behind. And it is not just the provisional ballots that are being examined in the Independent media:

Lake highlighted in her tweet a story by Nick Moseder titled, “Maricopa Makes SHOCKING Admission In 2022 Election “Root Cause Analysis” examining another massive failure by AZ election officials dealing with faulty printers.

Moseder wrote:

The main conclusion here, is that the reason 61% of the machines failed on election day was because the county used 100lb ballot paper, and a 20-inch ballot which placed excess stress on the Oki B432 printers, resulting in poor printer quality…

The report alleges that when you use a thicker paper, and a longer ballot, the printers have a hard time maintaining enough heat to bind the ink onto the paper. When printer quality is poor, the tabulators have a hard time reading the timing marks on the side of the ballot.

Things are definaelty happening in AZ still.

Last week Frontline covered the story of Jordan Conradson, a reporter with Gateway Pundit who was removed from covering the details of the election along with Bergquam and was awarded $175,000 by the Maricopa Board of Supervisors to avoid a much larger lawsuit over the denial of rights.

Kari Lake retweeted the story with some poignant comments:

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