Victory! Teddy Daniels Protective Order Dismissed- Quickly!

Another America First Republican, Teddy Daniels candidate for Lt. Gov of PA, has been the victim of false charges of abuse. When his wife was given a temporary protective order ahead of a trial, the media was all too willing to run with a bombastic story to discredit him before any testimony was heard.

Forgetting that not all women are telling the truth.

Sources close to Daniels said that the charges against him that were heard in court on Friday were so thin that the judge threw the claim out right away. “Plaintiff called two witnesses, and their testimony was so contradictory that the judge had no choice but to dismiss the case,” the source told me.

It was all true.

“Protective order against lieutenant governor candidate Teddy Daniels tossed. Daniels claimed vindication after the ruling in the Wayne County Courthouse in Honesdale,” local PA news reports read Friday.

WNEP reported:

HONESDALE, Pa. — A judge dismissed a temporary protective order against a candidate for Pennsylvania lieutenant governor on Friday after his attorneys attacked the motivation and credibility of the candidate’s wife, who had testified he was verbally abusive and made threats.

Teddy Daniels claimed vindication after the ruling by President Judge Janine Edwards, telling reporters outside the Wayne County Courthouse, “Justice was served today in a court of law. I’m going to go see my son.”

Daniels had been hounded by the leftist media ahead of the trial about his wife’s filing- which was used to attempt to discredit his political run.

In the era of cancel culture- what role does the court play in protecting the person who is being charged- because it very well might be they who is the real victim?

Daniels, 47, is one of nine candidates seeking the GOP nomination in the state’s May 17 primary, running with the endorsement of a leading candidate for governor, Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano. Daniels’ wife, who had obtained a temporary protection-from-abuse order against Teddy Daniels last week, testified that Daniels was incensed because he believed her family was cooperating in an unflattering magazine story about him.

He threatened to “put a bullet” in the head of one of the people he blamed, the woman testified. She said Daniels then told her: “And if I find out you’re in on it, you’re going down too.”

Daniels’ lawyers pointed out the woman had not previously reported the alleged threat, either to police or in her application for a protective order. They suggested she only sought the protective order in court because Daniels had threatened to leave her. Daniels himself did not testify and did not call any witnesses.


Or ‘get out of here with that made-up story.’ “Our case was proven by cross-examination of a witness who lied,” Daniels’ lawyer, Jen Gilliland Vanasdale, told reporters. “Obviously the court believed that, or the court would not have dismissed and denied the protection from abuse.”

What can courts do? Do we need laws changed? Do we need legislative action here? How do we protect real victims and also protect people’s liberty in this situation?

It would help if Americans didn’t abuse our system.

“In general, the idea is that the clerks and magistrates will accept the claims at face value; as long a person swears their claims are true, that is enough to get a charge against someone and start the process. It was made easy for women who were in emergency situations and there are people who take advantage of that.

The court’s magistrates operate at a different level, with the idea that people could go to court and work it out in front of a judge.

People are innocent until proven guilty, and the court doesn’t operate with the fear that media and influencers will use a filed claim as proof of wrongdoing,” a North Carolina police officer told me.

In the meantime, some people do use the filed charges as political fodder  and to have public show trials on social media- to cast defamation on their enemies, knowing there will not be any consequences for lying.

Was that the case for Daniels?  Perhaps.

Before the trial, in late April, Daniels had to point out to reporters that it is pretty common knowledge that temporary restraining orders are given from a basic complaint.

“Anyone can walk into any courtroom and get a temporary PFA,” Daniels wrote in response to a Rolling Stone article that he reposted.

The left has exploited the judicial system with fake claims for a very long time, so it is not news that our system for protecting legitimately abused women has been compromised by vengeful people looking for a quick, easy, free and legal way to defame and stalk their opponent.

And there is the lapdog media, ready to use the content to help their buddies.

Apparently, in the “Me Too” era, women have had too much power, and society has refused to accept that women are abusive as much as men. Why were women ever given these special powers over the courts to be believed without any proof?

Sure our system is to go before a judge. Still, in between the period of the claim and the court date, people are using the media to defame, harass people, and even get them fired or publically discredited.

It is good to see some judges still uphold the court’s dignity, but why are there no consequences for lying? For inciting others to lie under oath?

We need reform.

At the same time, we see Teddy Daniels embroiled in this drama (which the leftist media group- Rolling Stone- made high profile for political reasons), the Johnny Depp V. Amber Heard trial is unfolding, and the testimony from that case is the source of massive public interest.

The time for a national discussion on this topic is here.

The question on many people’s minds is- will there ever be any consequences for the people who lie to the courts about abuse? And where does Teddy Daniels go to get his reputation back?

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