War Room: ‘The CCP Wants to Dominate the World, that Means Trashing the USA’- SIMPLE AS THAT

Americans have debated the value to the USA of partnering with the CCP for decades. Pro-Communists, usually Democrats and moderate Republicans, in business and government say being welcoming to the Communists and accepting their unique style of control and fighting will help make the elite rich- so they like the Communists.

Other Americans, who are anti-Communism and are more of the’ common people’, see the influence of the CCP on American domestic life as usurping our domestic tranquility with political fighting and giving foreigners undue influence over our health, education, banking, and legal institutions, where American taxpayers are forced to fund the Communist’s influence by demanding acceptance their Marxist-Maoist political bullying in ‘Equity departments’ all over the nation, that really allow the CCP and their ideas to be elevated over those of American’s.

Recent stories of the theft- (or, as Steve Bannon of the War Room says, the willing compliance of the US Government) of military information have swayed some Americans that no matter how rich they get from the promises of the CCP, national security needs to be safeguarded and Americans need to be liberated

On Saturday’s War Room program, there was a multi-tiered attack on the CCP as Bannon, who is anti-CCP, interviewed two guests who each made the case that there is an urgency to get Americans to understand the threats the USA faces from the CCP. Moreover, there are specific people who need to get their heads around those threats right now- in order to save our Republic.

One of the targeted audiences both War Room guests talked about reaching are American Conservatives, who, as Capitalists, may see profits above the disastrous influences the CCP has had on society.

What Conservative need to consider is how the pursuit of pure Capitalism and doing business with the people who want to harm us like the CCP, has directly impacted Free Market Capitalism in the United States.

The impacts on American society and culture have been seen in the Pro-CCP domestic policies of ‘wokeness’ that have pushed Americans into dependence on the government.

Dependence on the Government is created by massive government spending, and it is Communist style- it is not Capitalist style to build a bigger Federal government. So US Conservatives need to stop doing business with the CCP and defend their real American values.

Richard Stern of The Heritage Foundation spoke with Bannon about Conservatives’ need to understand what’s at stake | Richard Stern On Republicans’ Weakness On Government Spending

Bannon also interviewed Col. Derek Harvey who made the case against the CCP so simple, saying the CCP want to dominate the world, so they want to diminish the USA- that should not be hard to understand:

The Full show from Saturday, March 11, can be seen on Rumble.

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