Weird Witch Hunt Against President Trump Goes Viral

The left’s most recent media star had a really weird and cryptic style while on Marxist TV talking about President Donald J. Trump possibly coming under criminal charges over the 2020 election probes in the state of Georgia.

CNN reported on the details of the interview on Wednesday:

The foreperson of the Atlanta-based grand jury that investigated former President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election told CNN on Tuesday that the panel is recommending multiple indictments and suggested “the big name” may be on the list.

“Can you imagine doing this for eight months and not coming out with a whole list” of recommended indictments, Emily Kohrs told CNN. “It’s not a short list. It’s not.”

She continued, “There may be some names on that list that you wouldn’t expect. But the big name that everyone keeps asking me about – I don’t think you will be shocked.”

Kohrs declined later Tuesday to disclose exactly how many indictments the special grand jury recommended be brought as part of the investigation, saying only that she believes it is more than 12.

Asked by CNN’s Kate Bolduan on “Erin Burnett OutFront” whether the number of people was “more than a dozen,” Kohrs replied: “I believe so. That’s probably a good assumption.”

Takeaways from the partial release of a Georgia grand jury report on Trump and 2020 election
Portions of the grand jury’s final report, released last week, made it clear that the grand jury believed perjury charges were warranted for some witnesses. The foreperson’s identity was first revealed by The Associated Press. And earlier on Tuesday, Kohrs told The New York Times that the grand jury recommended multiple indictments, though she didn’t provide names.

The grand jury met for about seven months in Atlanta and heard testimony from 75 witnesses, including some of Trump’s closest advisers from his final weeks in the White House.

Here she is on CNN, to talk about her role as jury forewoman:

On Wednesday’s show, founder of urning Point USA reveled that Kohrs’ is actually a real witch, according to her social media.

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