Biden Wipes out Again Going Up Stairs to Air Force One After Brazen Visit to Poland and Ukraine

This is just humiliating, and if the media were not protecting him, Biden would be the laughingstock of the country and not just of his opponents, who are the MAGA movement.

However, Biden’s allies will suffer any humiliation to protect the feeble 80 years, who is in obvious mental decline as he returns home after a trip to Poland, taking time to stop in Ukraine and promise them unlimited provisions and a major transfer of wealth to the region from the American taxpayer.

“JUST IN – Biden stumbled and fell forward while going up the main stairs of Air Force One departing Warsaw, Poland,” Insider Paper reported.

Biden falls while walking up the stairs to Air Force One once again. This comes just hours after Twitter users noticed he was walking strangely during Poland visit,” Collin Rugg posted in reaction to the latest fall for Biden.

“IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Joe Biden trips as he boards Air Force One in Poland. The symbolic final image of a trip marked by posturing, brinksmanship, more $$ for Ukraine, and the further escalation of a proxy war with Russia.”


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