Whitlock Throws Down Over Trump! Says He is ready to Defend Trump’s MAGA, Judeo-Christian Values and Working Class

President Donald J. Trump faces an indictment, and America is growing furious and restless over the obvious push on peaceful Americans to react, much as sociopaths are known to do with logical people- when they realize they are losing a fight.

After what Americans saw the Federal government and intel agencies do to Trump for 7 years, and to law-abiding citizens when they assembled peacefully on Jan 6th at the US Capitol, and what they have done to stir anger and frustrations since then, Americans know political operatives are trying to be pied pipers leading people into traps, causing them to look violent, where they will likely face an unjust judicial system that is stacked against them.

And people are sick of it.

Jason Whitlock was so mad on Thursday night when he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and said about the sealed indictment that “godless forces are at play, trying to push people into unrest.”

Whitlock admitted something interesting- he told Carlson, ” I have never voted, and now I am hardcore MAGA and I am ready for whatever is next. We do not want kids to live in a Communist-Marxist system. The Government is not going to take care of them. We are all catching Hell except for the elite- my parents were factory workers, I am Black, I came from nothing and I have a very good bank account, and I am working class. I am voting for Trump now. “


Whitlock, according to his Bio: Jason Lee Whitlock is an American sports columnist and podcaster. He hosts a program for the conservative media company Blaze Media titled Fearless with Jason Whitlock. Whitlock is a former columnist at The Kansas City Star, AOL Sports, Foxsports.com, and ESPN.

But he will be a first-time voter in 2024.

What Whitlock said stirred a number of viewers who chimed in.


“I’ve always liked Jason Whitlock, but tonight he just became one of my heroes!”

Jason Whitlock “If that’s what they want let’s get to it”. I agree, let’s do this!

Even Glenn Beck was eager to support Trump on Thursday night:

This indictment may not have been a smart move for the Democrats.

Even Ron DeSantis was not eager to look like he was supporting them.

“Bragg reportedly has secured his indictment. He has made history, but it is an inglorious moment where even some on the left have criticized the effort. This is a patently political prosecution,” Attorney Johnathon Turley posted.

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