Who Is Leading Us? Biden Re-Directed From The People By The Easter Bunny!

Something quite startling happened at the White House during the annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday when Democrat President Joe Biden was separated from the crowd of people who gathered to greet him and have their photos taken with him during the festive event.

From investigating the footage and examining the details of the situation, it appears that there was a very awkward moment for everyone involved. Still, the lapdog media wanted to pretend that none of it happened. The media want to plant the idea that concerned citizens are being naughty somehow for accepting that something is-obviously- very wrong with Joe Biden, and he is not presiding over the highest office in the land- on his own.

The Washington Post reported on the Egg Roll and chose to concentrate on the weather. Then, on Monday, after the weirdness went viral, their coverage was ridiculous:

“It was the first time in three years that the White House has been able to host its traditional Easter Egg Roll, and the dreary weather didn’t dampen the excitement for nearly 30,000 visitors, the youngest of whom were born into the pandemic lockdown and made their big-crowd debuts at the classic South Lawn event.”

In the WaPo report, they wrote:

“Kids have been rolling eggs on the South Lawn since 1878, when President Rutherford B. Hayes invited them over after Congress kicked them off the Capitol lawn. The event was paused for World War II, then for conservation after the war, and then because of construction around the White House. It returned after 11 years under President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Bad weather shut it down five times since then.”

Of course, the left-leaning media organization failed to comment on the fact that in all of that time the egg roll has happened, the President of the United States has never had to be handled and misdirected by the costumed Easter Bunny-like a child- away from speaking to reporters and supporters about essential events of concern to the American people.

In fact, the whole episode seems unnatural and strange. However, the footage of Biden being escorted away from the media and supporters by someone in a bunny costume went viral, and the reactions were fascinating.

In the viral footage, the American people saw that  Easter Bunny ran over to wave and interrupt Biden as he was taking selfies with kids. When the bunny moved him, Biden’s reaction was one of surprise and discomfort.  He is seen being offended at the slight, as if getting a bit of a body check by the giant Bunny,  but he obediently moves along and surrenders his space to the Easter Bunny, who continues to wave to the people.



We found out later from eyewitnesses that Biden was discussing Afghanistan with the crowd at the time. The Bunny was an undercover staffer who was acting as Biden’s press handler.

Biden was filmed speaking with reporters and guests a full eight months after he presided over the curious US military’s chaotic withdrawal from Kabul- that ended 20 years of American boots on the ground there and cost the American people a large amount of wealth and treasure.

Yet the American people are being denied information and details about exactly what happened and why we left just a massive amount of military treasure on the ground for foreigners to exploit in the bizarre withdrawal.

Interest in Biden’s point of view on such a historical matter is quite natural. Likewise, seeing the President of the United States drawn away from that discussion by a giant cartoon character is naturally intriguing to normal thinking people.

However, the rest of the lapdog media apparently see their job to add more cover to the nuttiness of the Biden administration’s behavior.

Biden, who is 79 years old and has reportedly been suffering from lapsing judgment and memory, started to answer Afghan reporter Nazira Karimi’s question and was heard saying: ‘Pakistan should not and Afghanistan should be — people should be free…’

Meghan Hays, a White House press official and director of message planning, was dressed as the Easter Bunny, and she is the one who is seen quickly interrupting Biden and ushering him away in a desperate bid to avoid another gaffe in a tsunami of mistakes and blunders for the radical administration.

Republicans asked essential questions.

‘How bad does the White House staff have to think Biden is to calculate that sending in the EASTER BUNNY to interrupt a gaggle is better optics than whatever he was about to say on Afghanistan?’ former Orrin Hatch aide Matt Whitlock said.

Democrats tried to pretend nothing weird by having their media allies write headlines like Yahoo’s:

“Biden hosts Easter Egg Roll with Jimmy Fallon, in another sign of an emerging post-pandemic normal”

As if a gigantic Easter Bunny leading the world’s most powerful man away from reporters, so he doesn’t speak his mind- is expected.  Only in progressive utopia- is anything normal these days.

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