Willful Invasion of America, Congress Considering Spending More Money to Help Illegals Get Into Comfy NY Hotels

Ben Bergquam, host of Law and Border on Real America’s Voice, reported live from a Sanctuary City for illegal invaders- New York City, and covered several hot spots in midtown Manhattan where illegals are being housed in hotels and are creating hostile crime zones to alert Americans to a desperate situation happening right before our eyes.

In a part of the United States that appears to be developing into a ‘No Go’ zone for American law enforcement, the media is filling up with illegal immigration. The US House is being seduced to fund “border security,” which is nothing more of a processing scheme to take invaders from the border into the countryside, who Bergquam describes as “fighting age men.”

As he was reporting, a man came out of the hotel to try to intimidate Bergquam from reporting on the scene.

Bergquam appeared on War Room on Monday morning to talk about the situation unfolding in DC with Joe Biden dangling funding to secure the border. Steve Bannon, host of the War Room, and Bergquam exposed that the money would be used to fund the illegal invasion further.

“The money would be used to process the illegals deeper into the United States,” Bannon said.

Bergquam described a lot of crime that was happening around the hotels and reminded the audience that Pakistan owned the Hotel with over 1,000 rooms, which was a notable place to house the invading hordes.

“They have no love for this country, and now you are throwing them into the hands of the Cartels, and this is going to get very, very bad.”

“This is one of 20 hotels to house illegals. If you sign on this bill, you are signing on this invasion. What comes through the border does not stay on the border. This is what your tax dollars are going to. They will have 14 Billion dollars MORE to transfer these people into the country,” Bergquam said, warning Americans of the coming danger to their own hometowns.

Bergquam posted more footage on his social media showing that New Yorkers were not really thrilled about what was happening:

“America, listen to Fendi! Don’t believe the mainstream media or the leftists marching in the streets – American loves President Trump! #BidenDidThis#Trump2024 At the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City where illegals are dropped off before being sent to the Row Hotel or the Roosevelt, or picked up by their cartel handlers. Stay tuned for more with@dioncini!”


“This was today in New York City at the Roosevelt Hotel. Biden’s Border Invasion in Action! Well done Democrats … Mayor Adams! With@dioncini


Watch Bergquam report live on the War Room with Steve Bannon:

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