2008 US Justice Report Warns of Massive Crimes Over the Border, Obama’s Dems Saw Crime as the Privilege of Going Third World

We have known about the connection between open borders and increasing violent crimes for a very long time. Many Americans are worried that the “transformation of America” that was promised by former POTUS Obama in 2008, has been accomplished.

Isn’t going Third World so romantic?

Remember this from 2008- what do you think they were talking about? Opportunity and prosperity for WHOM?

The Democrats have wanted this “equality” for a very long time..

Here is something to think about:

“Gang members increasingly conduct criminal activity across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders. Gangs smuggle drugs, firearms, and aliens across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders, according to a report to the U.S. Department of Justice from the National Drug Intelligence Center,
Attorney General’s Report to Congress on the Growth of Violent Street Gangs in Suburban Areas
April 2008.

So what we knew in 2008 is somehow being ignored now, as if allowing millions and millions of unvetted, unregistered people from all over the world to come into our country to have free range is going to make things better.

From the press release:

Cross-Border Criminal Activities

Gang members increasingly conduct criminal activity across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders. Gangs smuggle drugs, firearms, and aliens across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders. The NDTS revealed that most gang-related criminal activity along the U.S.-Mexico Border occurs in South Texas and California (see Appendix E, Map 11). Several regional- and national-level gangs operate in the Del Rio/Eagle Pass, Laredo, and Lower Rio Grande Valley areas of South Texas. Street and prison gangs such as Mexikanemi (Texas Mexican Mafia), Tri-City Bombers, Hermanos de Pistoleros Latinos, and Texas Syndicate transport and distribute illicit drugs throughout the South Texas area. Some of these gangs reportedly have established associate gangs or chapters in border cities in Mexico. A number of gangs also operate in San Diego and Los Angeles. Street and prison gangs such as Sureños 13, 18th Street, and Mexican Mafia (La Eme) maintain significant influence over most of the local suburban and rural gangs in these areas. They work very closely with Mexican DTOs located in Tijuana, Mexico, to smuggle drugs and illegal aliens into the United States.

Gangs pose a growing problem to law enforcement along the U.S.-Canada border, particularly the border areas in the New England and Pacific Northwest regions of the country. Several regional- and national-level gangs, including Asian Boyz, Hells Angels, and Outlaws, smuggle large quantities of illicit drugs across the U.S.-Canada border in New England; they often conduct their smuggling operations in association with members of transnational criminal and drug trafficking organizations. According to law enforcement officials in the Pacific Northwest, several regional-and national-level gangs, particularly Hells Angels, engage in cross-border criminal activity in their jurisdictions. The Hells Angels OMG operates chapters in several Canadian and U.S. cities. These chapters maintain communications with each other, often coordinating cross-border criminal activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering.

Cross-Jurisdictional Connections

National- and regional-level gangs pose a multi-jurisdictional threat because various chapters and sets of specific gangs typically maintain cross-jurisdictional connections. National- and regional-level gangs, which have chapters or sets in multiple states and usually in multiple cities within a state (see Appendices B and C), pose a multi-jurisdictional threat as the chapters and sets frequently coordinate and conduct criminal activity in concert with one another. Gang members in various jurisdictions often maintain strong ties with each other through friendships or family relationships. Gangs not only maintain connections with other chapters or sets within their own gang, but sometimes also maintain connections with other gangs. For example, Florencia 13, which operates in at least five states, is subordinate to the Mexican Mafia (La Eme) prison gang and claims Sureños 13 affiliation.

Emerging Trends

  • Drug trafficking organizations and national-level gangs are improving the organizational effectiveness of local suburban gangs. Most local suburban gangs are loosely structured and lack operational sophistication when initially formed. However, through affiliations with better-organized DTOs and national-level gangs, suburban gangs have become more structured in their operations, increasing the overall effectiveness of their criminal activity.
  • Gangs operating in suburban communities are increasingly using sophisticated counter-law enforcement techniques to decrease their risk of apprehension. According to law enforcement reporting, some gangs in suburban communities use video surveillance cameras, radio scanners, and countersurveillance techniques before and during criminal operations.
  • Gang members are increasingly using the Internet to communicate with each other, organize their gangs, recruit new members, and challenge rival gangs. Most gang-related Internet activity is centered on specific gang home pages or social networking sites such as MySpace. This medium allows gang members to conduct their activities across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Gang members are increasingly using electronic communication methods to securely and anonymously exchange information regarding specific criminal activity such as drug deals or planned violent acts, including shootings. These methods typically include prepaid cell phones (for voice conversations and text messaging), encrypted e-mail, and prepaid phone cards. Some gang members also use Internet telephone10 services to securely communicate. In communicating electronically, gang members frequently use their own gang-specific symbols and coded language.
  • Gangs in suburban and urban locations frequently use gang members from other locations to carry out violent crimes. This reduces local law enforcement’s ability to identify suspects and connect crimes to local gang members.
  • Once gangs have established a foothold in suburban communities, they often attempt to further expand their operations into surrounding rural communities. As a result, many rural communities are encountering increased levels of violent crime and retail drug distribution.

That is the Democrat party for you- they know what they are doing with this illegal invasion, and they do not care about the impact on the lives of the American people.

There is something different in the approach to the illegal invasion; between the Republicans and the Democrats, it is called law and order.

But Democrats are trying to look intellectual about finally getting it under control… right?

Jessie Waters talked about Democrats being “border hawks” recently, actually mocking them for their veiled talks of ‘border security’ which is likely talk about more illegal invaders and more amnesty for the illegals who are in the country already:


Mark Morgan, a former Borders and Customs agent, had some remarks about the escalating crime this week, talking about the recent attack on police by illegal invaders.

Morgan also talked about how Americans are paying for this “luxury” of being a third-world nation, that we get to pay for all our own demise:

“Your first acts in this country illegally violated the law. And then, once they’re here, we give them free education, free health care, and accessible housing. What did they do while they were in here receiving the benefit? They committed another crime, and then you’re just displaying their reaction.

But here’s what’s important. This is not surprising to me. And I’m glad that this is getting a lot of what you saw, the violence against the police officer. That’s just a microcosm, but the legal aliens are claiming American victims every single day here. In the last 36 months, for example, CBP has apprehended over 90,000 Criminals before coming door, Amanda 90,000, including murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and aggravated felons in payment.

That’s the apprehended. Now, let’s think about the 1.8 million known Godwin. So the best response to untold numbers of murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and aggravated felons has now the United States called home just briefly real quick, even those that we apprehend the countries that come from 180 different countries.

We cannot actually vet them properly and get to know and understand their criminal history from their home country, yet we have processed it and released it in the United States. And this is the result.”



The question is, was the phone app used to cause the chaos on purpose?

More on the phones supplied to illegals:

The idea that the Democrat Party has established a way of communicating with their illegals, but not to keep them from crime, naturally has many Americans concerned about the safety of their families and themselves.

Isn’t going third world just so romantic? If you say NO, then vote for President Trump. That is all.

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We know from Bergquam’s recent reporting about the escalation of crimes by illegals:


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