Biden Struggling to Reclaim Control Amid Cartel Dominance

President Joe Biden’s recent willingness to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border, ostensibly to address concerns related to a Congressional border deal and secure funding for Ukraine, has raised questions about the administration’s actual control over the border. Biden admitted to the media that he doesn’t control the border, a sentiment echoed by Arizona locals who claim that Mexican drug cartels currently hold sway.

Recent news of escalating violence on social media, as seen in the video below, by alleged Mexican Drug cartels on US soil- has people worried:

The people are worried about such eyewitness accounts, but the news is finally starting to cover the truth about the out of control crime and the dominance of the drug cartels:

Fox News reported on the deep concerns of Yuma, AZ, residents over the border’s control by Mexican cartels, citing it as a significant threat to national security. Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines emphasized that the situation goes beyond politics, characterizing it as a critical national security issue. The cartels, taking advantage of overwhelmed Border Patrol officials, have established lucrative smuggling operations, exploiting the influx of migrants.

Residents expressed worries about potential dangers, citing the arrest of nearly 100 known or suspected terrorists at the southern border in the past year. Human smuggling profits have surged to $13 billion, according to Homeland Security Investigations. Yuma residents note a growing sense of insecurity, emphasizing an increase in migrant crossings and concerns about unidentified individuals avoiding detection.

The proposed bipartisan deal aimed at fixing the immigration system faced obstacles, primarily from Republican front-runner Donald J Trump. Biden’s call to shut down the border is seen as a political maneuver to counter criticism on immigration and garner support for the deal. The proposed deal includes measures like an expulsion authority to activate when illegal crossings reach a specified threshold. While Biden claims it won’t impact trade and legal movement, critics argue that the border remains far from secure, attributing the situation to the exploitation of border policies over the past two years. The overall narrative underscores the administration’s complex challenges in reclaiming control and ensuring national security at the border.

In a recent ABC News report for Chicago, the challenges Biden is facing are pretty clear: the Drug Cartels are making a lot of money and do not want to stop making money.

Here is what they reported:

Law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have successfully conducted a major drug bust in Brentwood, just outside the FBI field office in Westwood, Los Angeles. The operation, named “Operation Dead Hand,” targeted an international organized narcotics crime syndicate involved in trafficking drugs from Mexico through Los Angeles to Canada.

The crackdown resulted in the seizure of millions of dollars worth of various drugs, including cocaine, meth, heroin, fentanyl, and weapons. Additionally, tens of thousands of dollars in cash were confiscated. The international task force leading the operation comprised agents from the FBI and law enforcement personnel from various cities, including Canadian police.

The operation aimed at dismantling a wide-ranging drug trafficking conspiracy that spanned three countries. It involved drug suppliers connected to cartels in Mexico, drug distributors and brokers in Los Angeles, Canadian truck drivers, and even an associate of the Italian mafia in Montreal, Canada.

Approximately 20 individuals have been indicted for their alleged roles in this organized crime syndicate. The indictments reveal that a Canadian national, identified as Kuma, purchased kilogram quantities of methamphetamine from suppliers in Mexico and Los Angeles. Kuma then operated a network of truck drivers who used long-haul semi-trucks to transport the drugs through the United States into Canada. The operation led to the seizure of over 800 kilograms of methamphetamine and over 400 kilograms of cocaine during the few months of the investigation. Multiple arrests and search warrants were executed simultaneously in various cities across the United States and Canada as part of this operation.


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