Under the Radar: Bergquam Reveals Shady Operations at Arivaca’s ‘No More Deaths’ Guerrilla Camp

Disguised as “humanitarians,” a group who are known to area law enforcement as drug cartel members from Mexico, are operating on US soil in a battered border town called Arivaca, Arizona. In the video below, Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Berquam bravely walks through the area, attempting to locate people on the grounds to interview.

KEY POINT: A guerrilla camp typically refers to a base or operational site used by guerrilla fighters or insurgents. Guerrilla warfare involves unconventional tactics, such as hit-and-run attacks, ambushes, and sabotage, conducted by a non-traditional military force against a larger, more conventional enemy. Guerrilla camps serve as strategic locations for planning, organizing, and launching these asymmetrical warfare activities. The camps are often well-hidden and can be situated in remote or difficult-to-reach areas, providing cover for guerrilla fighters and allowing them to operate covertly.

Notably, in the video Bergquam, evidence is found of “carpet shoes,” which illegal invaders use to cover up footprints so they can not be detected. Bergquam refers to this type of invader as someone “who does not want to get caught,” differentiating them from the illegals, who are claiming asylum and do want border patrol to transport them around the nation in various ways.

Some illegals want to be found, and others do not want to be found. Thus- Carpet Shoes.

Learn about Bergquam’s investigations into the use of Carpet Shoes:




Bergquam recorded for his audiences a hair-raising walk through a Guriella camp, set up with provisions and what looks to be gear for hiding their presence in the desert.

Strewn through the camp are seen clothing and backpacks made of camouflage fabric. The site is known to law enforcement as occupied by a group called “No More Deaths”.

The camp is partially funded by Pima County and operated by the Universalist Unitarian church in Tucson. He believes that the camp is aiding and abetting cartel runners and is set up as a “straight-up cartel camp.” Bergquam also mentions that there are no fences or no trespassing signs, which he believes is done to make it easier for illegal runners to enter the property.

According to their website, No More Deaths, ” is a ministry of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 86-6006433. If you need a receipt or have a question about submitting your monetary donation, please contact No More Deaths Tucson.”

This is a tour of what has been identified to Bergquam by law enforcement as a “No More Deaths” campsite:

According to a 2020 article about the same camp, Border Patrol agents had surrounded what open borders advocates call a “humanitarian aid” camp in Arivaca, Arizona, following the arrest of an undocumented immigrant who sought medical care on the premises.

No More Deaths, which is a volunteer group, claimed at the time that the action is likely retaliatory, citing recently released emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The emails discussed a similar incident in 2017, indicating Border Patrol agents tracking footprints to the camp and eventually obtaining a search warrant.

The ongoing surveillance includes a checkpoint outside the camp, with agents searching vehicles. The Border Patrol’s chief patrol agent for the Tucson Sector stated at the time that agents followed tracks to the camp and encountered one illegal border crosser.

The camp, operating for over a decade, claims to provide aid to illegals recovering from desert-related issues. The Border Patrol contends that the camp encourages illegal border crossings, while critics view the current action as potential intimidation following the release of critical documents.

Here is previous footage from Bergquam on the same camp:

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We know from Bergquam’s recent reporting about the escalation of these camps in the US:

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