Real Hope And Change: Dems Admit “Trump Era” On They Way, They Are Sick Of Obama

Radical Marxists are admitting that their exploitation of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) for political purposes has “Jumped The Shark” and made Democrats beclown themselves. Long after they applied heavy political pressure with nonprofits and lost, they have become a nauseous joke to even themselves. “Democrats are gearing up for the Trump era,” one highly unlikely Trump … Read more

Narrative Assassin: ‘LGBTQ Indoctrination Is Filth And Mark Robinson Did Nothing Wrong’ Says Self Proclaimed ‘Gay Pagan’

Democrats all the way up to Joe Biden have been demanding the resignation of North Carolina’s first Black Republican Lt. Governor over comments Robinson made about the state’s bold sexualization and indoctrination of school children.  Mark Robinson, who called the state-sponsored tactics of grooming children into the LGBTQ lifestyle “filth,” is being defended by his … Read more