Phile Kline Unleashed: 2020 Is Far From Settled

On the WarRoom Pandemic podcast on Thursday, show host Steve Bannon talked to attorney Phil Kline. He exposed how leftist Community Organizing through various nonprofits and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) may likely have been the foundational criminal behavior that resulted in a stolen 2020 election. “Mark Zuckerberg has put half a billion dollars into the election to … Read more

Op-Ed By MI Candidate Tom Norton Smashes Rep. Peter Meijer Over Afghanistan

Republican Tom Norton is a GOP primary challenger to  Michigan US House Rep. Peter Meijer.  Meijer not only voted to Impeach President Donald J. Trump, but he also worked in coordination with Democrat Joe Biden on the direction of the Afghanistan military pullout. Norton took the opportunity of Biden’s Afghanistan crisis to highlight his opponent’s support and … Read more

Small Town Terrorized By “Vehicle Bailouts”

The small town of  Uvalde, Texas, with just under 17,000 residents, is experiencing a tremendous rise in vehicular crimes this year, among all other issues they have to deal with. It impacts all citizens who rely on a peaceful society where people trust citizens to obey laws to protect each other’s safety. Imagine such wanton … Read more