Solved! Exclusive Interview Exposes Mysterious Reason So Many Illegals Are Drawn To Cross Our Borders- Free Legal Status

Ben Bergquam, in his continuous courageous coverage of terroristic threats on the Southern Border, sought out another first-hand source of information by a man who has a lengthy experience in border security. What this man told Bergquam solves a riddle of why so many people are fleeing to cross over our borders illegally at this … Read more

EXPOSED: The Fed’s Use Of Non-Profits To Assist Invasion Proves Democrat’s Border Crisis Is Planned

Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America and an investigative reporter for Real Americas Voice, reports from the Southern Border of the United States about the many problems that lead to massive crime and disharmony for Mexico and for the United States. Often Bergquam will talk about the Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that enable these things … Read more

Watch Arrogant Bernie Sanders Run Away From Ben Bergquam After Admitting Working Class Funds DC Elite Lifestyle

On a recent trip to Washington, Dr, Ben Bergquam, the founder of Frontline America, who is also a reporter for Real Americas Voice, stone-cold-busted Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders for his obvious disdain for the working-class people of America. Sanders, whose only job in life has been in politics, and who sold out his own supporters … Read more