Quickie: Fighting For Freedom And Having Fun

There is not really much anyone can say that would add to the awesomeness of the following video. You have to watch it for yourself. Happy Halloween to leftists. This is the scariest thing you will see tonight! BOO! https://twitter.com/gbrough10/status/1454853514425999366?s=20

Frontline America Breaks News Story And Goes Viral [Video]

Ben Bergquam, a reporter for Real Americas Voice, the founder of Frontline America, and a frequent guest on The War Room Pandemic Podcast with Steve Bannon made the news that went viral over the weekend. Bergquam’s courageous reporting from the Southern Border of the United States is imperative for understanding the Border crisis threats that … Read more

Exclusive: Three Vets Rap About “Let’s Go Brandon,” And Bust Joe Biden

The Space Force is a collaboration of three veterans who are representing American voices very well with their latest chart-topping hit, “Let’s Go, Brandon”. The phrase is a trending commentary on the disastrous performance of Democrat Joe Biden, who calls himself the most popular president in the history of the United States. Now the phrase … Read more

Poopy Pants Biden Is Trending From G20, Where Are the Fact Checkers?

On Sunday, a trending hashtag on Twitter is ‘Poopypants Biden’, and watching this story unfold about far more than the wicked meme-festival America is having at the Democrat’s expense.  Seeing the horrible, no good- very bad- PR disaster for the Democrats play out- begs the question- where are the fact-checkers to save them? This is … Read more

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