MSNBC Busted For Fake News: Deconstructing CRT- Social Justice In Medicine From The Schools- Up

Sending a Christmas thrill to all Marxists worldwide, left-leaning MSNBC reported on Friday to audiences a fake news story that Western Medicine has taken a direct shift in treating people, in Canada, with one doctor ‘diagnosing’ a patient with Climate Change. “Very smart, actually. If people can prove in a medical settings climate change is … Read more

‘Everyone Does It’: Illegal Resident Busted Lying About His Social Security Number, ID The Appeasers Who Create This Mess

Seen during a recent traffic stop, it appears as if an illegal resident has a total lack of respect for the laws of the United States and an entitled attitude toward law enforcement. It almost seems as if a particular group of illegal residents and border crossers feel untouchable and permitted to behave in ways- … Read more