Steve Bannon Will Talk ‘Deplorables vs Overlords’ In Human Events Strategy Exclusive

The caisson of Stephen K. Bannon’s strategic political tactics is about to be explored by Senior Human Events editor Jack Posobiec- a former Navy Intel Officer and China analyst. “It’s going to be what I call Deplorables vs Overlords,” Posobiec, a Warroom Co-host, told me about his upcoming Friday interview with Bannon. That description is … Read more

When Momma Bears Become Politicos, Politicos Scream Like Babies: Tales Of Wake County School Board

One of the purposes of the leftist media is to gaslight Americans or make people doubt their own instincts about political stories. Gaslighting relies upon tactics of shame and humiliation, which are clearly used in the left-leaning Politico report on the “politicization” of School Boards at the hands of Conservatives. But have they spoken to … Read more

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