This Is Going To Trigger A Lib

If you like what you see on Frontline America, and you would like a way to help support independent journalism, please visit our sponsors and think about making them your *go-to* merchandiser. Ben Bergquam brings you hard hard-hitting and exclusive reporting from the US border where Democrat Joe Biden has decreed that media can not … Read more

“Biggest Drug Dealers in the Black Community”, Jackson Blasts Roland Martin, Joy Reid, Don Lemon-AGAIN

Raynard Jackson, a consultant for great conservatives like Republican Florida Gov. Ron Desantis, is a good friend of mine and I thought his most recent op-ed in Thy Black Man was especially relevant for heading into the 2022 primaries. Jackson’s latest titled: The Biggest Drug Dealers in the Black Community reflects much of what I … Read more

Real Great Reset? The Precinct Strategy Is Working, According To The Left, Who Are Very Afraid Of Looming Mid-Terms

While Democrats are seeing their political strategies falling apart before their eyes and seeing their top politicians losing all appeal to voters, the right is gathering steam and getting more organized than they ever have- with their actions that are working, even by the left’s standards. Republicans are driving people into the Republican party, and … Read more