‘Go Back To Trump! We Need Oil!’ Elon Musk And Others Say

President Donald J. Trump made and kept promises to the American people that he would have the United States of America energy independent- and for the first time in decades- we were not dependent on getting our energy from foreigners, and even Elon Musk has had enough!  And is calling for a return to fossil fuel independence for the USA.

This is noteworthy for the Electric Carmaker, who has been promised the ‘moon and the stars” by the Biden administration with legislation to force the country to purchase electric cars. But Musk doesn’t care- he wants appears to want America back.

Check out his recent Twitter statement:

The Democrats and the Swap demanded that America return to dependency- and then they started a war and caused massive inflation to empty the bank accounts of the American people. And now many moderates are coming out – and decrying the disaster.

When Democrat Joe Biden got into the White House, he changed everything Trump and his administration had done to put the needs of Americans first, and now we are headed for disaster with wars breaking out and the future for American liberty in an uncertain flux.

Powerful social media influencer Elon Musk and others have taken to the public stream to demand a change back to what Trump gave the American people.

Michael Busler wrote a piece for Newsmax that Biden needs to return to Trump’s plocies immediaetly:

“While there is general agreement in the scientific community that the world’s climate is changing, the impact of human activity on the acceleration rate is debatable. President Biden has set his energy policy on the belief that human use of fossil fuels must be eliminated. However, because of current world events, he must reverse his energy policy — immediately.

Biden believes that the carbon emission from fossil fuels is adding significantly to the rate of change in the climate. As such human’s must generate their energy cleanly. As soon as he was sworn into office, he began to implement his policy,” Busler wrote.

One site calls it out:  This conflict is between Biden’s “green fantasies” Vrs. the survival of many countries.

According to Enerdata.net this is the stor of stuff Busler and Must are refering to:

As part of Donald Trump’s agenda that sent him to the White House in early 2017, the so-called America First Energy Plan aimed to attain energy independence by leveraging the country’s resources, especially fossil fuels. The core of Donald Trump’s energy policy was to expand domestic production of fossil fuels – oil, gas, and coal – and curtail regulations that were considered constraints on economic growth and job creation.

To reach this target, the Trump administration implemented several plans promoting energy development on federal lands, including oil and gas drilling in national parks and protected areas, and approving key infrastructure investments such as the Keystone XL Pipeline that encountered administrative hurdles during President Obama’s terms.

One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to revive the US coal industry by removing policies adopted by the previous administration. In 2019, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) replaced Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which aimed at reducing carbon emissions from power generation, with the Affordable Clean Energy rule that has no national emissions reduction objective, instead introducing guidelines to increase power plant efficiency.

Where climate is concerned, President Trump announced early on 2017 that the United States (US) would exit from the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). The US’s withdrawal officially took effect on 4 November 2020, while the US contribution to the Green Climate Fund had already fell from US$3bn committed by Obama’s administration to US$1bn in 2017 and even to none since 2019. Likewise, Donald Trump reversed numerous Obama era environmental rules and regulations, including several EPA’s pollution-control policies, rolled back auto emissions standards to provide cheaper cars for consumers and even attacked the California-Quebec cap-and-trade carbon emissions scheme to impede its implementation.

Trump’s energy dominance plan boosted the domestic energy supply

Under the 2017-2020 Trump presidency, the US became the world’s largest oil producer, exceeding the crude production of both Saudi Arabia and Russia as of 2017. Oil production (crude and NGL) has increased by an average of 11%/year since 2016, reaching 746 Mt in 2019, with unconventional sources accounting for nearly 50% of the total output (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Crude oil and NGL production in the USA, Russia and Saudi Arabia since 2005

Crude oil and NGL production in USA

Source: Enerdata, Global Energy & CO2 Data

Time will tell how Biden and his cronies will benefit from keep America submissive and dependent on foreign energy sources.

Going down a rabbit hole:

I covered Biden’s utopia promises about electric cars:

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