Captain’s Log: “This Is Incredible!” Ben Bergquam Rides With People’s Convoy Gets Exclusive View

Ben Bergquam, a reporter for Real Americas Voice, a frequent guest on the War Room podcast, and the founder of Frontline America, has been tirelessly covering the many inspirational patriots who are involved with the People’s ‘Freedom’ Convoy as the movement makes its way across the United States of America.

Bergquam has released a series of short videos showing the scope of the movement and the number of trucks involved. He also brings his unique interviewing skills to the American people by finding the stories the rest of the media ignores.

Because Ben started out as a grassroots activist and has grown in skill and reputation as a top professional investigative journalist and popular personality- he has earned the trust of the American people- who are disgusted with the lapdog-mainstream media.

So he travels the countryside to bring the stories, like the convey, to the people who are ignored by the elite media. His coverage is what people want to see.

Here are a few of his videos. For more from Ben- watch Real Americas Voice, and follow Ben on GETTR and Twitter both places @BenBergquam where he releases his exclusive content. See him on Rumble with Real Americas Voice and on Youtube at Frontline America.

Ben mixes in with attendees of a rally in Monrovia Indiana:

Able to capture only a small amount of the impressive support from the American people that the Truckers have stirred up, so there is much more than this… but isn’t this inspirational?

There are no elite politicals or media in this crowd in Hagerstown Maryland! So that means awesome Americans are there showing their love of country- freely- without being censored!

Awe inspiriting love of country in display with Truckers illuminating a massive American flag!

Ben also discovered some very interesting news, while on his travels, that people from around the world are joining Americans to demand freedom from Tyrants of the world:

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